A Munster Sighting in Florida

Fred Gwynne, who played Herman Munster, spent part of his childhood in Florida. The actor is one of the many who made a pit stop, in my state. I may mention the actor, in the second novel.

Wikipedia provides the following credits for the picture:

Description: Photo of Fred Gwynne and Joe E. Ross as Muldoon and Toody from “Car 54, Where Are You?”.

Date On earliest date stamp, only 1962 can be fully read.
Source eBsy
Author NBC Television
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Pre-1978, no mark


Lurching Thru Florida

Ted Cassidy, who played Lurch, is one of the many celebrities who passed thru Florida. He went the  Stetson University in DeLand, Florida; and if course, he played basketball and football. I often allude to celebrities with connections to Florida, in my novels, but I haven’t added him yet, but may do so, soon. One piece of trivia about Cassidy which I recently learned–he voices the introduction to  The Incredible Hulk,  the TV series which starred Bill Bixby

The Collective

People are individuals and problems exist when others apply collective rules. Skin color doesn’t show who grew up with privilege and skin color doesn’t even always show a person’s ethnicity. I’m descended from a Native American tribe that is more native to Florida than a Seminole and I descend from early Spanish settlers, but I generally look like a White guy and my parents grew up below the poverty level. People have used Affirmative Action to steal jobs and other opportunities from me–a true native. Why did Obama get an edge? If your ancestor comes to America voluntarily–you should not get benefits and you should assimilate yourself because there is a big difference forced and voluntary assimilation.

The Florida Puerto Rican Parade and Festival happens, on April 29, 2017,  and I wonder how many of those attendees would hate-on me because I’m not an apparent Latino; though I share a similar heritage–I am to Florida, what a Puerto Rican is to Puerto Rico, with the notable, I live in m native land. Yes, I’m sure some, if not many would hate-on me because I have been hated on for my apparent ethnicity.

Description: picture of Jean-Luc Picard as Locutus after Borg assimilation.
picture from DS9: “Emissary”
Article :Borg (Star Trek)

A script idea for Peter Dinklage and Johnny Depp

Peter Dinklage would play a modern-day author and Johnny Depp would play a Huguenot ghost who recites his escape from the massacre at Matanzas and other perils. Dinklage would play another role–another ghost. A dwarf singer came with Pedro Menendez and this ghost will tell his own tale.

In my novel, Factions of a dWARf, a female dwarf is possessed due to a genetic memory drug. My third novel may use a dwarf author who recounts the stories of his ghosts. One element of my ideas is that the ghost of a normal sized man would be quite uncomfortable is a dwarf’s body. In the movie, The Train Agent, Dinklage played a character who was uncomfortable as a dwarf and the role I offer is similar. If the actors are interested in a movie based on real events, in the history of Florida, actors should give thought to my idea.

Floragan’s Wake

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce is a tough read the story revolves around the history and myth of Ireland. My novel, She-it, is similar in nature and revolves around Floria and an alternate title is Floragan’s Wake and the novel is difficult to edit. There is a debate about whether Finnegan’s Wake is a dream of one of the characters in the novel and I’ll clear the confusion by saying a dreamer is dreamed within a dream, like a television onscreen of television; my novel works the same way.

Block Blockers

John Cena believes immigrants union members should be able to true natives from jobs. Cena is enemy of the true Native American tribe of Florida. A Timucuan warclub to the head of this blockhead is the deserved reward. Upon review, Cena rates several thumbs down.

Thanksgiving in Spanish Florida?

St. Augustine, Florida, is the oldest US city and the oldest military outpost in the continental US (Puerto Rico is a US territory and was colonized earlier). In 1565, Pedro Menendez made friends with some tribes in Florida and the colony could have had feasts which included natives, but should a feast at a military outpost count as the first Thanksgiving. Technically, the French Huguenots were the first to make friends with the natives, but the colony was often at the point of starvation, so the act of feast is within doubt. The Spanish had committed many atrocities before any act of peace was broached, so you should consider that before giving Spanish Florida credit for establishing the first Thanksgiving. Read how the Spanish wiped out the Taino in Peurto Rico and ask whether even that territory deserves that award.

My Spanish family was here in Florida, before the Pilgrims, so the only thing that’s for sure is that Thanksgiving belongs to my family, in either case. I also have Huguenot ancestry, but I can’t truly claim one of those ancestors came to Florida, but there’s a slight chance. I also have Jamestown ancestors, so I’ve got that thanksgiving covered, too. I also have Native American ancestry, I’m doubly covered. Catholics seem to want a piece of Thanksgiving and want to claim Miles Standish, but I doubt he died Catholic and I’ sure he didn’t get a Catholic Last Rites. Reason for yourself whether Spanish Florida owns the first Thanksgiving, but a military outpost doesn’t get my vote. The Pilgrims consisted of families and Standish was the only soldier–and Thanksgiving is about families so I favour the Pilgrims; though, I had family in Spanish Florida, too.

Hispanic Validation Thru My Ancestors

When I watched the PBS documentary, Secrets of Spanish Florida, I saw a lot of validation thru my ancestors. I come from the oldest Spanish family and the oldest Native American tribe, in Florida. The funny/sad fact is that I’ve been harassed about being White. There’s another race incident involving the police, but the narrative is always about White racists and fails to address how racism comes in all colors. I still can’t believe how Supreme court Justice Sonia Sotomayor skated through after making such a bigoted statement about her superiority. When in Florida beware a Spanish Injian who looks like a White guy because he’s fed up. As I stated in my earlier, I prefer Injian over Native American. but still, suffer thru the latter, until others join my fight for Injian recognition.

Medical Schools–The Cheatingest Place On Earth

Who cares whether, ‘cheatingest,’ is a proper word–doctors more often hurt; rather than help, in my experience. I kill doctors in my novels as catharsis, If everyone performed with the competent dedication of most doctors–ridges would fall down–whups, I guess some other professions caught the whoopsies; WOW! spellcheck caught me misspelling whoopsies and that’s why computers need to replace most doctors. I didn’t realize, ‘whoopsies’, was an official word, but isn’t cool that it is.

Sorry for the rant, I don’t have anywhere else to place my anger.

The spirits of the dWARf are angry

Doctors raise the wrong form of spirit. Florida swarms with the angry red spirits of my ancestors. Beware the dWARf; she’s awfully scary bitch. It’s funny how all roads in Florida lead to me. The bittersweet tongue of anger spits thru forked tongue, but never speaks thru it. Delirium is such an interesting experience.