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My Disclaimer

The alternative dimension; in which the storyline of this novel exists, is fictitious and only exists in such a dimension where ancient Mystery cults survived to this parallel age, so no names are changed to protect the innocents in a world where no one, scantly over diaper pooping age, is innocent, so names, places, and events may serve the great goddess of history and trivia. Parallel worlds share aspects, but by no means remain faithful to the loopity-loop specs of so-called Earth Prime.

My use of trivia and history makes the disclaimer difficult, but the statement explains my use of trivia. The readability suffers because I prefer the use of such jargon to simulate typical legal jargon.


My Family Goes Back Farther

I am to Florida as a Puerto Rican is to Puerto Rico, but Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor penalizes us for having too much White blood and she was appointed by Obama who along with his foreign father was privileged enough attend Harvard. If the US is so biased against that African heritage–why did Obama’s father choose to come here. None in my family had significant help in attending a college, It’s odd how both Sotomayor and I come from mestizo bloodlines but I’m supposed to be discriminated against because I’m generally a White guy with a Southern accent; yet, my Native American ancestor is from a tribe more native than the Seminoles; they steal my ancestors’ bones.

Former literary agent, Amy Boggs, also discriminated against White, straight males until my email made her a former agent. I can’t prove I’ve been blackballed by literary agencies due to my stand against bigotry against me, but it’s certainly a possibility–literary agencies do not like being criticised, but I don’t care for abusive racism aimed against me and I have several personal incidents where those of another complexion harassing me, in my homeland.

White (genderist) Feminists seem like Boggs and the View from the Drawbridge lady spat hate at straight White guys. Boggs deserved to lose her job because she didn’t believe fair treatment should be applied to all and Barbara what’s her face should lose her job as a Seattle drawbridge operator because she showed no apology for her bigotry. There are many White Feminist elitists with this same attitude toward discrimination and they should all be the White people to lose their job for bigotry reasons.

Dream State by Diane Roberts mentions how rich White elitist from the North discriminated against White natives such as my family (though they have Native American roots), My novels feature different time periods in Florida history an I noticed how the cover above depicts the time periods within the lettering which is cool but I’m not sure if I should do something similar.

Any lawyers who want to sue Obama and Sotomayor for me–feel free to contact me.


The Spanish name of my (Native American) great-great-grandmother suggests I, in all likelihood, descend from Timucuan ancestors. Double-jointedness runs in the family, so I jokingly refer to the sorcerer. De Bry created this sketch from memory, so the symbols encircling the sorcerer probably falls far from accurate.

The image comes from Wikimedia and offers the following credits.

Description: Chief Outina consults his sorcerer before battle. The sorcerer kneels on a shield surrounded with signs scratched in the ground. He contorts himself in an effort to determine the strength of the enemy. Plate XII from De Bry’s engravings

Date 16th century
Author Jacques Le Moyne /Theodore De Bry. Photo credit The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, University of South Florida

The American Gods Disclaimer

Neil Gaiman uses Lucille Ball to represent the media gods and this sort of describes my use of real people in my novel. The I Love Lucy Show ushered in a new era of television, so Lucille Ball is a fitting goddess but I’m not sure about the use of a disclaimer for such use. My use of trivia creates a chance for legal backfire, so I’m trying to understand the subject. There is a public figure loophole which may handle my situation and I’m certain it handled Gaiman’s.

The Legality of a Fictional Conspiracy Theory

Would the Timberlake clan sue me? Legality is one reason I hesitate publishing my novel. Fact–the Timberlake name is linked to the Feminist factions spawned in France and the powerful media manipulator, William Randolph Hearst, and has circus links through the Flying Silverlakes, but my true interest is how they crisscross Florida. The cult in my novel does not exist. so the Timberlake family can’t be involved with the cult and the only reason I use the name is for historical and fictional reasons, but unfortunately, that leaves me on shaky legal ground.

Slander is the issue of consequence. Do I say or imply anything worse about William Randolph Hearst than Wikipedia or a history book? I don’t think so, Hearst manipulated the news. Fake news isn’t anything new. The other dangerous ground upon which I tread is the link to my fictional cult and this cult may appear evil, but in reality, my cult just reflects society. Creation of a plausible conspiracy seemed interesting, but this plausibility leaves me mired in a legal quagmire.

I obviously allude to Hedy Lamarr, in the first chapter, but I do so because I respect her contribution to science. Placing her in the Dove faction of my cult is my way of steering away from slander. Does the act of placing her a fertility cult slander an actress who obviously capitalized on her sexuality? Personally, I believe not; but it wouldn’t surprise me if some screams slut-shaming. If you interpret my post, Tight G-strings don’t hurt Pink’s head, correctly, you will see I respect Pink’s attitude and I place Lamarr in this category which owns up to their use of sexuality and O don’t slut-shame Ariana Grande–I cast shame at her hypocrisy.

Even though I don’t consider my novel slanderous and my interest in trivia and history is plain to ee==I’m still not sure If I’m on the solid legal ground and this depresses me. I don’t see a legal disclaimer that addresses my use of trivia, so I’m probably screwed. If anyone has an idea on how to deal with a fictional conspiracy theory based reality.

The Book Trailer For Factions of a dWARf


This is

an unpolished booked trailer for my upcoming novel.

The Shotgun Shell For Doctors

Quack-shot is a type of bird-shot to shoot a lousy unethical doctor; which, is most Military and Veteran’s Administration doctors. Medical schools must be rife with cheating students; it is the only way to explain that 9 out of 10 doctors should be shot with quack-shot. My third novel will probably be filled with bodies. Doctors rank in the telemarketer circle of Dante’s Inferno.

The Popularity Of Hitting That Thing

Does a provocative dress provoke thoughts? Yes, and you see the linguistic relationship between the words (provoke and provocative). My title refers to Ariana Grande‘s offense to a guy saying he would like to “hit that”. Grande wears lingerie onstage and sings the song, “Love Me Harder”, so she obviously conforms to standards of sexual objectification and had little reason to be overly upset by a guy saying something “he would hit that” and the funny thing is–the statement is truthful. Sexy implies sex and I’m certain the guy was honest and Grande obviously sings songs; which, endorses such sexual lexicons.

The group, The Offspring Lyrics, sings the song, “Hit That” and such songs pass regularly through Pop music–Grande’s industry. I should write a song about how Grande’s tight g-string causes brain damage–she’s got her head up her ass if she doesn’t understand the hypocrisy in her outrage about such a phrase as, wanting to hit that” She plays the game–accept the rules

I came back to this topic because; The Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik and fashion designer, Donna Karan brought up the subject of provocative dress. Guys will make mistakes in etiquette, but there are limits to how much a woman should take. Grande should have brushed off the “hit that” comment, but Weinstein’s actions go too far (if true), but Hollywood is ripe with enablers; they let Bill Cosby get away with stuff, way too long.

Another story involves a Pussycat Doll (Kaya Jones) claiming the group was part of a prostitution ring. She had to know she pimped herself; the prostitution claim needs validation from other members. If true the founder would exemplify the type of members in my fictional cult. My novel brings an ancient fertility cult into the modern world.


The Best Book No One Will Ever Read

Optimism isn’t my forte. I’m to the point where I must ask. Am I editing or stalling? A few people may read my novel, but I lack the marketing clout to be noticed. A dwarf would have better luck because dwarfs have a role in the series.

Several apps indicate great readability statistics and I’m certain my storyline is interesting, but I likely need further editing because I often omit words and I doubt I caught every instance.

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