The Genocide of my Tribe

My Native American ancestor stands out in early Florida census records due to her Spanish-derived name. Granddad didn’t claim a tribe, but my research shows why—the Spanish Injun tribes were wiped out. I use ‘Injun’ because Indians are from India.

The Seminoles wiped out the Spanish tribes of Florida with help from the American government which wanted control of the territory. Pandemics also brought death and suffering, but the Seminoles provided the final push for extinction.

If you lookup the Timucua and the Calusa tribe, you will find their designation as extinct. The other Spanish tribe, the Apalachee had a few who survived, but they no longer call Florida their home.

I can’t say for sure which tribe my ancestor belonged to, but her name and place of birth hint she came from the Timucua.

An Insult to Native Americans

African Americans get all the media hype even when it’s not Black History month. In February, the media goes Gaga for African American month. Native Americans don’t get near as much fanfare.

Canada has made an interesting TV show, Trickster, a CW series. Hollywood hasn’t done much for Native Americans. Name a Native American President or other high profile position. Obama had a skimpy resume before running for President. The media made him a darling because of his African dad.

My Social Anxiety Nightmare

Doctors have done much more harm than good, so my advice is not to trust doctors to help. I’ve experienced direct and indirect forms of psychological terrorism due to doctors. My hatred for doctors appears in my novels. In my third novel, my hatred appears in the first scene.

My third novel is on hold, until The muse hits me over the head. My low word count is the problem. I need another strong scene.

Redesigning the Cracker Cur

A Cracker Cur is a dog breed used to herd cattle. The conquistadors brought war dogs and herding dogs to Florida and the current breed most likely comes from those bloodlines. For the war dog, a Mastiff mix, the herding bloodline may be a hound mix I used the Old Yeller poster because the Florida Cur is a similar breed.

In my last post I redesigned the Florida panther to better engage invasive pythons, so I do the same for this Florida dog. Canines can detect various things with their noses, covid and pythons are present day menaces worth detecting. Teaming a panther with dogs or wolves would be a team capable of hunting and killing pythons. Cats are better killers, but canines find things better.

Redesigning the Florida Panther

The actually did redesign the Florida panther by using Texas cougars to replenish the population and the genetic diversity. My main character in my third novel wants to redesign the panther to help fight the invasive pythons. Is it possible? I don’t know and don’t care because I write fiction and just need the plausibility.

Jaguars have the strongest bite of the big cats, so I would add them to the genetic mix. The jaguar and a Florida panther could mate successfully but cats are finicky about who they mate with, so a successful mating would be unlikely. Bobcats are quicker than a panther because less length adds to the quickness; though, bobcats and panthers can’t mate successfully. You could mate panthers or jaguars of lesser length to greater the quickness.

My main character runs a fertility cult with near endless resources, so such a project seems feasible. Who better to deal with feline fertility than a fertility cult?

Marriage Due To Lack of Options

In mid 19th century Florida, the Injun village known as Alligator (present day Lake City) had only the two White men, the Osteen brothers and an old man, so it is understandable why my Native American ancestor with a Spanish name married one of the Osteen brothers. The Seminoles helped wipe out the Spanish Injuns so marrying a White man was the more likely option.

Two of Florida’s most famous chiefs, Osceola (Billy Powel) and Alexander McGillivray had White dads, so a Spanish Injun is a better match for a White man because the Seminoles and Creeks were enemies to the Spanish Injuns of Florida. This led to a Whitening of my ancestry, but what options were available. As a White Southerner–people throw hate at me, but this is my ancestral land, the Seminoles are invaders. When I discovered the full name of my Native American ancestor, I understood why my Grandad didn’t claim the Seminoles as his family’s tribe, though he descended from a Florida Injun..

I use the name ‘Injuns’ because Indians are from India and the phrase, ‘Native American’, is cumbersome. It would be appreciated if everyone started to use ‘Injun’ because using the ter, ‘Spanish Injuns of Florida’ separate the true native from the American tribes such as the Seminoles,. The phrase, ‘Spanish Native Americans of Florida,’ just doesn’t sound right.

Odd Uptick in Views

For about a week someone has been going through my posts, but the WordPress tracker says the views come from various people which doesn’t seem likely. Views were up this year even before this last uptick. Curious about the sudden interest.

The Creator Vesus the Editor

Creativity needs free thought, an editor needs precise thought. I write without much thought to spelling or grammar. Editing takes place on other days. My blog has too many errors because it gets little editing. Affer I write my novels, I use various online proofreaders, Grammerly and ProWritingAid are my favorite. I’m about a third of the way through my third novel an I’m burning through stroryline but the word count is rather low. Writer’s block doesn’t describe my latest problem because my ratio because my word count is low for where I’m at in my plot. How many characters do I need to kill to drive up my word count? Maybe I need a more complicated murder plot, usually I keep things simple, but I may need to go complex. I guess, time will tell.