The Swamp Dagwood People and the Dogwood People

The Dogwood People are the Little People of Cherokee mythology and are also called the Dagwood People because Native Americans made daggers from the dogwood tree because dogwood is a hardwood. The Dogwood People are mountain deities.

There is a swamp dogwood but no Dogwood People from the swamp. My novel uses Little People but I needed a swamp version so I used creative license. Seminole myth has Little People but the Creek tribe from which the Seminoles branched off from—don’t. This hints that Native American mythology isn’t complete.

My novel involves the Timberlake family from which the Flying Silverlakes branched off from. Obviously the Flying Silverlakes are circus people. Curiously, the actor who played Dagwood in the Blondie movies was one of these Silverlakes and much of our knowledge about Cherokees come from Henry Timberlake. Circus folk play a role in my novel so these coincidences weave well into the storyline. The creator of the comic strip, from which Dagwood Bumstead comes, lived the latter years of his life in Florida, so I have another thematic match.

Most Protestants Vote For Their Leaders

Protestants founded Democracies while many if not most Catholic countries dabbled or went all in for Communism—no surprise there. Priests are assigned by the Vatican and that’s why the pedophile problem occurred in Roman Catholicism. The Vatican shuffled priests around to hide pedophiles.

In an episode of Family Guy a scene depicts Pilgrims as the source of racism in Boston but theirs a reason Boston’s NBA team is called the Celtics. Irish Catholics dominate the area. Obviously the writers are Catholics who bash Protestants. The Pilgrims loved Squanto and the Native American loved the Pilgrims. Jamestown colonists greed their slaves so the earliest Protestant Americans weren’t racists. My slave owning ancestor was Spanish Catholic was married to a Black woman so Catholics were complicated but all the Catholic colonies practiced slavery.

I’m not fond of having another Catholic being added to Supreme Court. Catholic Democrat’s don’t follow their religion’s Pro-life beliefs so why are they Catholics? Protestants are varied so people can choose the church which best fit their beliefs. I’m Agnostic so religious belief doesn’t guide my thinking.

My first novel was titled Factions of a dWARf so factions are a topic of interest. Catholics are a Goliath sized faction so I laugh at anti-Catholic bigotry because Catholics are sized for bigotry, Protestants are not.

Need a lawyer for historic case

The Spanish in my Native American ancestor’s name and an article by Florida’s Historical Society point to my ancestor being from one of the truly native tribes which the Seminoles helped wipe out. Casino money should go to my family and since the truly native tribes never signed a treaty—more money should come from the US government.

I suspect such a case will appear in my next book but no guarantees.

Gangs with guns

A 3 year old kid just died because of gang and 14 year old a day before but last week cops were the villains because a cop shot a gang member with a gun as the gang member was fleeing. Some of the hate toward the police is misplaced but the local news fails to bring this issue up.

Florida’s First Human Invasion

We can tcan theorize how the first humans came to Florida, but it’s just a guess whether the first group followed the gulf coast, the Atlantic coast, or came up from the Caribbean. Guessing the next group’s route leaves us with the same options and no true answer. My Native American’s’s Spanish name hints I come from a truly native tribe, the Seminoles came from the northwest in the 18th century and had affiliations with the British, not the Spanish. This led me to write novels involving my heritage, and a poem about the invasions. Below is piece of the poem involving the first human invasion. Unfortunately, this piece was to difficult to include secrets which i wish to hide within the text.

Beneath the oldest oak the strangers met
Behind a bush I stay to eye and ear.
The talk was strange, the markings and dress odd
A'through this woodlands did they bow and spear
At night I feel agrip with angst and sweat
With knowledge those so strange await so near
From where they come and what their mark of god
I fail to brain and now I'm felled with fear

Hang WHO

The primary job of the World Health Organization ‘is and was,’ to keep a pandemic from crossing borders. Where’s the outrage. Doctors have been a source of terrorism in my life so admittedly I want to terrorize back, so I say hang the heads of WHO.

My Native American ancestor from Florida had a Spanish name, so I have have reason to believe I descend from truly native tribes. The Seminoles are not native to Florida and my Spanish ancestors are more native. Pandemics helped wipe out the true natives, so I have extra reasons for being outraged by a pandemic from foreign shores. Screw Liberal Democrats who have thrown hate at me for my apparent Southern whiteness when I positively come from a Southern tribe. Trump is an ignorant an arrogant blowhard but he at least pushed back at WHO.

The Timucuan for President

I hate both political parties, almost as much as I hate doctors, but nothing can compare to that hate. One thing I agree with Trump on, the World Health Organization, the group whose primary purpose was to stop a pandemic before it spread from the country from which it originated.

My Native American ancestor had unique and Spanish-based name, so I have good reason to say I come from the stimulus tribe. And in a TV show about St. Augustine Jimmy Smitts, the actor, used my Spanish ancestors to show the Hispanic influence in building this country. Odd that Hispanics have hated me as an average White guy. So, I have a different experience in race relations.

No, my big ego doesn’t say I should be President. I’m just fed up.

Florida: The Land of Invasions

My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name, so this hints she came from a tribe native to Florida. The Seminoles are not native and they had English/American names, Osceola’s name was Billy Powell. In my third novel, a main character will write poems under the influence of a genetic memory drug and the title of this post is the tile of his collection of poems. My character uses my ancestry and poems written by him are, of course, written by me. Secrets hide within the poem, such as gopher wood, a species of tree unique to Florida. In the movie Caddyshack, the gopher is a cad, thus the clue. Most of the poem is written is quatrains of iambic pentameter.

The Land of Invasions

Twas full of life, this land to which I came.
With loss of country, all the beasts should cry.
A florid beauty filled with palms and springs
And birds aplenty once addressed the sky.
Like no beast before me, I own the flame.
And soon a feathered arrow will learn to fly.
Like God I am, so fear what man-god brings
With luck the pain is short, before you die.

Turtle eggs stretch their legs
Glassy-eyed by the light.
Sand hill oak spice with smoke
Disjointed by my bite.

The wood hides a caddy, fur-fetched prey
And panther eyes are thirsting bloody drink.
A meal for those atop the bloody chain.
Below a worm awaits for life past brink,
The coy belittled squiggle loves decay.
Most hope for life afar from burning pain
But all await when dust is safe from blink

Here I hunt the hind
And she flees from me
Cocks sing praise of sunny rays
Near death, the doe too cockeyed to see

Below are scraps which I may eventually use

Soon these feral beasts will know I’m to blame
An owl in hiding flies away in fright
With grace a doe goes back to where it came
A land where honey bees and flowers kiss

Among their own, the prey doth lay and graze
A land where honey bees and flowers kiss
In cracks of shade the sun doth beam

Vine to foot the wine
:Lumberous the pine

Who can be all for their particular race

Blacks can be all for their race, but Whites are called racist for doing the same thing. The civil unrest has little to no honest dialogue. both sides suck.

Race, in my case, is a tricky thing. I am from Florida’s most native family. Two of my great-great grandmothers had Spanish names, one was of Spanish ancestry but the other came from Native American ancestry. Does this make me Hispanic, though I’m more American than most anybody?

People have hated me on my perceived Whiteness, in my true homeland and that sucks. Liberal elitists like Seth Roget such just as bad as hardcore conservatives.