Bad a awoken Zombie with a Timucua War Club

Those who call themselves ‘woke’ have an elitist mindset. Democrats have called themselves ‘Progressive’ but are more often hypocrites. Republicans own other faults, and I don’t belong to either party, but I’ve ran into enough woken zombies to know which party deserves a club. Be careful in Timucua territory, I’m fed up.

Ellen DeGenneris gave blanket blame to male underlings for her reputation as a bad boss though she has no proof it had much to do with men. One note Ellen and Portia visited Obama when he should have been concentrating on the nuclear accident in Japan. I consider the visit in bad taste. This was an example of elitists not giving a crap about anything other than themselves.

I have reason to believe I come from the Timucua tribe which was indigenous to Florida, but got wiped out. Now I receive hate for being a White Southerner, this happened too many times. Get off my ancestral land if you fall into the woken zombie category.

If you’re afraid of ghosts, be very afraid of mine

The ancestral ghosts of Florida belong to me, the Seminoles steal their bones. These ghosts have reason to fume over their land and their descendants. In my novel, the ghost of my fictional ancestor (based on a real ancestor of mine) is supposed to bring peace but doesn’t. If ghosts of Florida are real, they have reason to be angry.

Florida was a scantly populated place until the last century and now it’s overpopulated and liberals throw hate at the indigenous population which is my family. You can see one incident in my post called, Seeing Red. There have been other incidents and I’m fed up and my ancestral ghosts would be too.

Roof Roosters

No, not the beloved cock—the post title refers to nesting on rooftops. Humans suck. The millionaire sanctuary known as Bird Key because it was roosting grounds for millions of birds. If those millionaires who stole the land put up potential roosts upon their roofs, they could atone somewhat for their thievery.

Making a proper roof roost would likely entail much trial and error because you need something which wouldn’t damage you roof, and be cosmetic in appearance, be hurricane safe, and be attractive to the birds as well, so only rich people should attempt this feat because it might be costly.

I had to remove a tree so this post came to mind and coincidentally the news showed a video of birds flying in through a chimney and taking over a home. Birds have a good reason to go Hitchcock on us— because humans suck.

A Realistic Celebrity Cult is Unrealistic

Take for example the sex cult, NXIVM, which the two lead actresses from the TV series, Smallville, took part. Kristin Kreuk was an A-list celebrity and she got her costar, Alison Mack, involved in the cult. Kreuk left but Alison Mack became second in command in the BDSM-friendly cult. Mack was the lead lesbian and teamed up with the cult leader to brand their followers. Sounds unreal, but it’s true.

My fiction involves a cult and it may be to realistic considering how crazy celebrity cults seem to get. Scientology branched off of the cult known as Thelema when Scientology’s founder stole from Jack Parsons, a true rocket scientist.

Sacred Ball Games

Native Americans played ball in service to their gods. Other cultures dabbled in ball games but Native Americans took games to a new level. Only lacrosse is credited as a sport originated by Native Americans but I suspect most ball sports came about due to Native Americans.

A priest wrote about the Florida ball game and the mythology tied to the game. In my third novel, I may mention the game and the mythology, but I’m also adding to Florida’s lore. The first eighteen thousand words of my next novel came quick and easy but I’ve struggled ever since.

The Genocide of my Tribe

My Native American ancestor stands out in early Florida census records due to her Spanish-derived name. Granddad didn’t claim a tribe, but my research shows why—the Spanish Injun tribes were wiped out. I use ‘Injun’ because Indians are from India.

The Seminoles wiped out the Spanish tribes of Florida with help from the American government which wanted control of the territory. Pandemics also brought death and suffering, but the Seminoles provided the final push for extinction.

If you lookup the Timucua and the Calusa tribe, you will find their designation as extinct. The other Spanish tribe, the Apalachee had a few who survived, but they no longer call Florida their home.

I can’t say for sure which tribe my ancestor belonged to, but her name and place of birth hint she came from the Timucua.

An Insult to Native Americans

African Americans get all the media hype even when it’s not Black History month. In February, the media goes Gaga for African American month. Native Americans don’t get near as much fanfare.

Canada has made an interesting TV show, Trickster, a CW series. Hollywood hasn’t done much for Native Americans. Name a Native American President or other high profile position. Obama had a skimpy resume before running for President. The media made him a darling because of his African dad.

My Social Anxiety Nightmare

Doctors have done much more harm than good, so my advice is not to trust doctors to help. I’ve experienced direct and indirect forms of psychological terrorism due to doctors. My hatred for doctors appears in my novels. In my third novel, my hatred appears in the first scene.

My third novel is on hold, until The muse hits me over the head. My low word count is the problem. I need another strong scene.

Redesigning the Cracker Cur

A Cracker Cur is a dog breed used to herd cattle. The conquistadors brought war dogs and herding dogs to Florida and the current breed most likely comes from those bloodlines. For the war dog, a Mastiff mix, the herding bloodline may be a hound mix I used the Old Yeller poster because the Florida Cur is a similar breed.

In my last post I redesigned the Florida panther to better engage invasive pythons, so I do the same for this Florida dog. Canines can detect various things with their noses, covid and pythons are present day menaces worth detecting. Teaming a panther with dogs or wolves would be a team capable of hunting and killing pythons. Cats are better killers, but canines find things better.

Redesigning the Florida Panther

The actually did redesign the Florida panther by using Texas cougars to replenish the population and the genetic diversity. My main character in my third novel wants to redesign the panther to help fight the invasive pythons. Is it possible? I don’t know and don’t care because I write fiction and just need the plausibility.

Jaguars have the strongest bite of the big cats, so I would add them to the genetic mix. The jaguar and a Florida panther could mate successfully but cats are finicky about who they mate with, so a successful mating would be unlikely. Bobcats are quicker than a panther because less length adds to the quickness; though, bobcats and panthers can’t mate successfully. You could mate panthers or jaguars of lesser length to greater the quickness.

My main character runs a fertility cult with near endless resources, so such a project seems feasible. Who better to deal with feline fertility than a fertility cult?