Amy Boggs (former literary agent fo Donal Maas Literary Agency) is now ragging on a white author Keira Drake)–this is a woman who had a prestigious job which should have belonged to another ethnicity. If an agency markets books to non-White then other ethnicities should represent that marketing segment. My email got Boggs dismissed and has led to Kiana Nguyen becoming a member of the Donal Maas Agency. They may have reformed from their All White Liberal days when they hired Michael Curry (he doesn’t have a portrait) In the literary world, men have become the minority, this is one of the few agencies with a near 50-50 split.  Back to the point, Amy Boggs is the very portrait of a White Elitist who snubs other Whites for being racist. Amy Boggs apparently hasn’t written a book. It’s tough. I doubt Drake intentionally strayed from political correctness, but no real harm was done because the author based her Fantasy novel, on an aspect of real history. While Amy Boggs took the money and prestige from a member of another ethnic group. You can read Keira Drakes novel, The Continent, and see if she did anything too awfully wrong.

I still keep tabs on the thoroughly awful Amy Boggs https://twitter.com/notjustanyboggs


An Underrated Masterpiece

I love this portrait by Alexander Roslin and this is how I see one of my characters cloaked. Wherever this piece is ranked–I vote it up a notch.

The image comes from Wikimedia and has the following credits:

Alexander Roslin (1718–1793) Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q315102

Details of artist on Google Art Project
Swedish: Damen med slöjan. Konstnärens maka Suzanne Roslin The Lady with the Veil (the Artist’s Wife)

Deutsch: Die Dame mit dem Schleier
Object type Painting
Date 1768
Medium oil on canvas
Dimensions Height: 650 mm (25.59 in). Width: 540 mm (21.26 in).
Current location
[show]Nationalmuseum (Stockholm) Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q842858
Accession number NM 4098
Inscriptions Roslin. S 1768.
Source/Photographer KQF-jpNMOV38yA at Google Cultural Institute maximum zoom level

The Underestimated Injun King

Alexander McGillivray (Hoboi-Hili-Miko; which, translates to Good Child King) was much more significant than other Native American leaders. American history-he unified the Creeks and his partnership with England thwarted Americans expansion. After his death, the Creeks split and battled each other.

My novels deal with rival factions and placing his bloodline into my story–remains a possibility. He may not look very Native American, but like me, he is.

Unwelcome in Timucuan Territory

Bigots and elitists are unwelcome in Timucuan territory. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the president who nominated her are two such individuals and the Secret Service best keep them out==my Spanish Injun tribe never signed a peace treaty and I’ve been unwelcomed in my native land, so consider an act of war for these elitist bigots to set foot in my ancestral land. I’m as native to Florida as a Peurto Rican is to Puerto Rico–so death to the elitist bigotry of Sotomayor and Obama.

White Elitist Scum

Read Zora Neale Hurston’s essay, “The Pet Negro System’ and you will see her disrespect for Northern White elitists–she preferred us Floridians; she saw a problem with the Southern system; as well, but she blamed Black men for their abuse of the system. In the Southern system, Whites would deal with a particular Black male leader and this middle-man in racial relations often helped themselves rather than spread the wealth. Hurston shows a love-hate for Black men, in many of her stories and her main complaint about Whites was–Elitist hypocrisy.

Many Democrats in today’s world fit this category of scum. I’m registered as an Independent and don’t have high regard for Republicans either.

Yewnique to Florida

The map above shows the only place the Florida Yew tree (Taxus floridana) grows naturally. Torreya State Park is home to the Florida Yew and the equally rare Florida Nutmeg (Torreya taxifolia). My novels revolve around a secret recipe and these trees serve as possible ingredients. The Florida Nutmeg is also called ‘gopherwood’; thus, shares the name of the wood used to build Noah’s ark.

Image from Wikipedia list the following ino:
Description: Range map of Taxus floridana
Date 1999
Source Digital representation of “Atlas of United States Trees” by Elbert L. Little, Jr. [1]
Author U.S. Geological Survey

Meet Hontoon

I call the owl totem, found on Hontoon Island, Hontoon. This image will look different than other images, you might find, because I enhance the grain and made him more symmetrical. Odds are my third book will dip into my Native American past and this seems a likely mention because Hontoon stands out from other artifacts. Odds are it means an owl clan inhabited the island, but it may have been used to scare off other tribes. Owls typically symbolize death in Native American mythology.

Where Freaks Have All The Fun

I decided to publish the novel. This is the new blurb:

Blurb: In 1565, the dwarf singer who came to Florida with Pedro Menendez and his conquistadors sired a daughter with a Native American witchy-woman. Four centuries later, ancestral ghosts unleashed by a genetic memory drug possess Alice, a dwarf member of a fertility cult. The ghosts wreak havoc on Alice’s personality, but the ghosts also help Al machine gun her way through rival cult factions and succeed her mother as the cult leader. You might be surprised by what genes a dwarf has, but you can’t be more surprised than the ghost of Commodus, the Emperor/Gladiator, or more bewildered than Tycho Brahe, the eccentric astronomer. The prostitute from the old Rollestown colony might consider the situation easy on the knees, but she doesn’t arrive until the third book of the series.

Amazon’s category selection came out different from what I expected and the keywords were difficult to choose, but the ebook is for sale. I added the following bio to Author Central:

Battles within ancestral factions inspired the original story. The author’s Spanish and Native American ancestors predate the introduction of the Seminole tribe; and the massacre at Matanzas involved a third branch of the family–the French Huguenots. An African-American woman also married into the family, so four rival factions play a role in this quirky family saga. Gibsonton, Florida’s served as home to many carnivals and circus performers; thus, the hoochie-coochie girls and freaks filled the cast of characters–the author comes from a nearby community. This Navy veteran suffers from social anxiety and prefers anonymity; thus, the pen name.

The paperback section isn’t finished. Last minute changes to the blurb took up a bunch of time because I embedded keywords inside the description. I just hope I didn’t make too many mistakes.