A Full View of Baubo

An under the skirt look at Baubo

The original figurine (left), appears to show a headdress; but as you can better see, the figurine actually displays a skirt (right) and the headdress is actually covering for the breasts. In Greek mythology, Baubo lifted her skirt to amuse Demeter and the during rituals involving the Eleusinian Mysteries;, women would lift their skirts and sing obscene songs. Possibly, something similar to “Me So Horny” by 2 Live Crew. Baubo is considered the same as Iambe,from which we get–Iambic poetry.

Cue Up A Good Name

Sherlock Holmes homes onto a clue and surely locks onto every detail. Watson is a “What man”, he asks “What?” and Holmes gives sure answers. The creator of Sherlock Holmes didn’t use method, but our minds search for links, so creating a name from word association can work quite well. In billiards, a cue ball is used to indirectly sink a ball into a hole. Write up a few words which describe a character then add a suffix. Have a physically striking male hero, you can cue up the surnames, Tallman or Kingly, by adding a common suffix. If you know the song, “Brick House” by the Commodores–you know what kind of woman fits the name Mona Brickhouse. When you pair names together, just go with what sounds right. For some reason, Mona Brickhouse, sounds better than Jane Brickhouse.

Micky Spillane may not be considered a great writer, but he probably should be, because he created a style which fits his genre. Would Magnum P.I. exist without Spillane’s contribution? Someone else may have come up with the formula, because a good formula will always form, eventually. Using the name Hammer, provokes a tone. Harry Potter is a rather ordinary name for an extraordinary boy, which is why it works harry is linked to magic through Harry Houdini and his harry escapades.

Mythology was the source for many of the names used in my books. Io became Ionia which is my favorite character and a great name, as you will see if if finish my third novel. Creating names is one of the few things, I’m good at. It’s a game. “Tosser” may be a good name for me because I could toss names with the best of’m.

I, Timucua

My childhood speech impairment may have come from my Native American ancestry, which may me Timucua. Many difficulties have come, due to my problems with speaking, so I identify with often invaded ancestors. The Spanish name of my Native American ancestor and where she lived, leads me to believe the came from the Timucua tribe, truly native tribes of Florida took to speaking Spanish after Pedro Menendez arrived, the Seminoles took up English. I can’t be sure about the tribe and the Apalachee tribe is next in likelihood, and there are other possibilities such as the Ais or the Calusa, but I declare myself Timucua, and I too, am often invaded.

The Holy Hole of Baubo

When it comes to Baubo, it’s all about the hole

The figurine above has bothered me because it doesn’t emphasize the hole, but I believe there may be an indirect reference to the hole. What looks like hair—is really a skirt and I believe it’s in the image of a pregnant woman—which is where the indirect reference to the hole comes in.

Imagine lying on the floor with a pregnant woman before you. What might you se above the skirt? Boobies would be my guess. The figurines headdress may be boobs. Painting a face on pregnant woman’s belly seems an appropriate jest, but that headdress may be another joke.

Baubo is linguistically similar to the biblical city of Babel, which means gateway to god. The natural gateway to this world is through the hole which rests between a woman’s legs, which may be referred to as Baubo’s gateway into this world. I’ve called Baubo, a portal goddess for this very reason. Yes, Baubo is a humorous deity, but her true purpose serves creation. Human creation.

I wrote the first book in the series, after the second and I failed to see the importance o Baubo, at first, so the second book in the series doesn’t use her, which is unfortunate. Maybe my humor can draw a smile from such a goddess, though.

The Swan Neck of Aphrodite

Swans mate for life, but Aphrodite doesn’t; the goddess prefers various male lovers. Neither Aphrodite nor swans partake in homosexual relationships, so that may be why the swan is sacred to Aphrodite and Venus, her Roman counterpart. Men are partial to women with long necks, for some questionable reason. Oral sex would be my best guess, as to why.

In my novels, one character with the name of Helena, is said to resemble Paris Hilton, and Hilton’s neck and her name is the reason why. I prefer people with better links to Florida, but the name and the neck steered me to Paris. Helen of Troy and her lover, Paris, are intertwined with the love goddess. Jacqui Kimberly, another long-necked socialite, as resembling my fictional character and Kimberly was involved in a Palm Beach scandal of sexual nature, but her involvement with Roxanne Pulitzer is dubious. Pulitzer posed in Playboy and became more famous, but I bet Kimberly could have raked in a better deal. Though Paris didn’t fit well in my Florida theme, I made up for it by use of another long-necked beauty.

My eye problem has halted my progress toward completing my third novel, but I have written some, but it’s slow going.

Forced And Unnatural Population Explosion

In historical documents, my family has been in Florida longest, but I likely had Native American ancestors here before those documented. People who invade my land are often rude and discriminate without thought—you who call yourselves ‘woke,’ are just elitists and racists. Get off Timucua territory.

Did Drones Jump from our first Interstellar Asteroid?

60 Minutes did a report about UFO’s tonight and wonder if an uptick of unidentifiable aerial phenomena (UAP’s) occurred after the asteroid with a Hawaiian name passed by. The method would be a good way to send drones.

My laptop died after a PC update and my right eye sort of died after taking a prescribed medication. Writing has come to a halt. If I felt more motivation to finish the third novel, I could do it, but my novels aren’t providing financial incentive, and no one’s clamoring for me to finish. This post came to me do to the news report and adding a ufo faction of my fictional cult amuses me somewhat.

Bad a awoken Zombie with a Timucua War Club

Those who call themselves ‘woke’ have an elitist mindset. Democrats have called themselves ‘Progressive’ but are more often hypocrites. Republicans own other faults, and I don’t belong to either party, but I’ve ran into enough woken zombies to know which party deserves a club. Be careful in Timucua territory, I’m fed up.

Ellen DeGenneris gave blanket blame to male underlings for her reputation as a bad boss though she has no proof it had much to do with men. One note Ellen and Portia visited Obama when he should have been concentrating on the nuclear accident in Japan. I consider the visit in bad taste. This was an example of elitists not giving a crap about anything other than themselves.

I have reason to believe I come from the Timucua tribe which was indigenous to Florida, but got wiped out. Now I receive hate for being a White Southerner, this happened too many times. Get off my ancestral land if you fall into the woken zombie category.

If you’re afraid of ghosts, be very afraid of mine

The ancestral ghosts of Florida belong to me, the Seminoles steal their bones. These ghosts have reason to fume over their land and their descendants. In my novel, the ghost of my fictional ancestor (based on a real ancestor of mine) is supposed to bring peace but doesn’t. If ghosts of Florida are real, they have reason to be angry.

Florida was a scantly populated place until the last century and now it’s overpopulated and liberals throw hate at the indigenous population which is my family. You can see one incident in my post called, Seeing Red. There have been other incidents and I’m fed up and my ancestral ghosts would be too.

Roof Roosters

No, not the beloved cock—the post title refers to nesting on rooftops. Humans suck. The millionaire sanctuary known as Bird Key because it was roosting grounds for millions of birds. If those millionaires who stole the land put up potential roosts upon their roofs, they could atone somewhat for their thievery.

Making a proper roof roost would likely entail much trial and error because you need something which wouldn’t damage you roof, and be cosmetic in appearance, be hurricane safe, and be attractive to the birds as well, so only rich people should attempt this feat because it might be costly.

I had to remove a tree so this post came to mind and coincidentally the news showed a video of birds flying in through a chimney and taking over a home. Birds have a good reason to go Hitchcock on us— because humans suck.