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Social Justice Monsters

Many Feminists call themselves Social Justice Warriors, but they fail to see anything but white hats and black hats — to them, White is always bad unless they are wearing it. Feminism is not humanism, examining from only one gender’s perspective is obviously myopic. The so-called Social Justice Warriors can’t fathom that a White person isn’t always simply a White person, many of us are mixed race but the Social Justice Warriors attack us for our White skin. I’ve always seen all sides of my mestizo heritage the same but Obama was p[raised for putting a complete racist on the Supreme Court — kick Sonia Sotomayor out of office. I have a similar heritage as Sotomayor but I see all ethnicities as equally good and bad.

Falling Into The Story And Timucuan Survival

Very few people can justifiably call themselves a truly plausible Timucuan and I’m probably the only one knowledge enough about history and ancestry to make this justifiable claim. Doctors have done so much damage to me that I’m not sure how much longer I will survive. I’ve run on fumes too many times and that’s not good for your engine. The only thing keeping me alive is my novel-writing and I need to fall into the next story or things will go beyond bleak.

I know the character and faction motivations for the next novel and I should be able start writing, but I’m too empty. Using a worksheet to outline my novel may be my only hope. My character data and a rudimentary plot should allow me to fall into the story, but my inability may force me use a more mechanical method.

Paul Revere and the Raiders sung a about the Cherokee Nation, but the Timucuan song is much sadder.

This is your land; this is my stolen land

I am the alienated native. A Native American so native to Florida that I can justifiably call Seminoles foreigners who steal my ancestor’s bones. Social Justice warriors invite more foreigner and laugh at the Hollywood Liberal jokes about my White ancestors who are still more native than most of most if not all Hollywood Liberals, but they have been accurately portrayed as a mixed race family in Peter Matthiessen’s novel, Shadow Country. Death to White Elitism and Obama-Sotomayor racism.

Did I Tornado The Literary Agencies?

I certainly got one literary agent dismissed and another from the same agency appeared to leave at the same time, but a guy I submitted to, at another agency, has a new job and he’s the one who seemed ripe for cuckolding and left me sick in the stomach for even sending the query.

Coincidence? I’m sure I sent less than a dozen query letters, so I find it strangely coincidental. If my email to the one literary agency was sent to other agencies – I can definitely see the plausibility of other firings.

Researching literary agents sent me into a rage and a subsequent depression because the hate the White man attitude of the liberal media is enraging to this White Injun — I’m as native as you get and Mestizo, but most generally consider me White and shouldn’t be prejudiced against as my ancestors were in the past. Death to White Elitism and the Obama-Sotomayor discrimination against people like me — the native.

Rare Blood From Diverse Ancestry

Does Timucuan ancestry make my blood unique? It’s possible and it’s somewhat funny how hard the word tries to make my bloodline extinct. Liberals favor people from other lands and being native to this land is apparently negated because I’ve been contaminated my Caucasian blood — many liberal bloggers define straight White males as lower than pond scum – should we all be irradiated so the rather common Indians from India can take over contaminated White-Native American Injun?

As a blood donor, my blood has been labeled as rare for reason other than blood-type and apparently such rare blood helps other people live, so why does the world seem keen on killing me?

I can’t identify the exact tribe I descend from but the Spanish name of my American ancestor makes Timucuan ancestry a real possibility and I’m certainly more native than a Seminole. They say Native Americans arrived by way of the Bering Strait and natives of Florida came the furthest through North American territory so I may be truly descended from the oldest tribe in North America – kill the Liberal hate against natives with White skin.

A Likely Manatee Myth


Manatees likely spawned many mermaid myths and Florida is a likely location for such a spawning. The original Native American tribes of Florida were generally wiped out and the myths along with it, so I’ve borrowed Brazilian mythology.

Iara Rennó, the musical artist, is totally tied into manatee mythology – her first name comes from the mythical water queen ( manatee-mermaid combo) and the Brazilian movie classic, Macunaíma, the Iara kills the hero. The Iara appears as an almost perfect woman, she has an extra hole, a blowhole on the back of her neck but she’s much like the Greek siren – she just wants to lure you into her trap. Wikipedia compare the Iara to the Native American Deer Woman of North America, so borrowing the myth for Florida seem reasonable and I’ll consider alluding to the Iara, in my third novel.

I mentioned the original tribes of Florida were generally wiped out, but not totally because I exist and my Native American ancestor had a Spanish name; thus, a likely member of one of the original tribes. The Seminoles are foreign invaders who help wipe out my ancestor’s tribe and they currently steal my ancestor’s bones. Damn foreigners!

Kafkaesque Depression

Franz Kafka suffered from social anxiety and depression, as do I. Kafka’s reluctance to publish his work probably stemmed from his social anxiety and the thought of publishing my two novels has caused horrible bouts of depression. Kafka had much more going for him than I do, so my attitude is understandable on the Kafka scale.

Kafka felt alienated and wished for Zionism (a Jewish Homeland). I’m far more attached to Florida than Kafka was to Israel, but I’m a very alienated native; I’m Gregor. and the second novel in my series share some surrealistic traits with  Kafka’s work.

A Truly Broken Heart Never Mends

Intervention can stop the bleeding and strengthen the heart’s muscle, but it’s often difficult to find a savior. Nine out of ten doctors do more harm than good, in my experience based opinion. In matters of metaphysical love, I can say the same thing. My heart’s damaged, in the bodily and spiritual sense, so I’ve got some experience.

I started thinking about my original novel and the unlikable traits of the main character and my parallels to Scrooge. Dickens humanizes Scrooge much relatively early, but I may have kept people to deep in the dark, about my main character’s thorn. Intelligent readers should pick up a few hints, in the first chapter. but the novel diverts away from my main character’s personal past, for far too long. Writing is a craft, but it’s often easier t see a problem than it is to fix it. If my heart ever mends enough for me to start editing my two novels; once again, I may plug in hints to the heart problem. inside other chapters.

Love will probably be a key element, in my third novel. My dwarf only gets a glimpse of love, in her first novel, but the third novel needs to capture what a glimpse will do.

My depression has kept me away from my novels, for a while now. Never write while depressed, in anything more than scribble. I know I can only do harm, in the state I’ve been in. When you’re left with ‘scrambled eggs for brains’ depression leaves too much shell in the dish.

The North Could Have Boycotted Cotton

Trump needs to follow my blog because he’s right about the Civil War averted, but wrong about details. Slavery was about cotton and the manpower needed to profit from the crop. Textile manufacturers, in the North, wanted the cotton and they didn’t want to pay the price. These manufacturers used the American Civil War to renege on their debts.

I’ve already made a post about the ethics of Lincoln’s Scorched Earth Policy, and clearly show the South wasn’t any more racist than the North. After the Civil War, cotton became the cash crop in India, where the caste system defined slavery by another name, so what did Lincoln accomplish – different group of slaves picked the cotton and many Blacks succumbed the economic slavery of the ghetto. There’s a reason why the famous Black female author, Zora Neale Hurston, preferred the South – Southerners weren’t hypocrites. White Elitists in the North held that title.

Bernie Sanders attacked Trump for not knowing history, but the Jewish Sanders probably doesn’t realize  Jews Jews held high rank the Confederate army. I don’t consider Jews any worse than other groups because people are people but Hollywood Jews have often slandered me for my Southern roots, but my ancestor was married to a Black woman, but I get attacked and Obama gets hyped. I’m from a Native American tribe more native than the Seminoles, so this is my native homeland nut I get attacked. Death to Sanders Obama,  Bush, and the Clintons – I’ve been betrayed by my own country and if Trump doesn’t set things right then death to Trump, too.

Trump is right about the Civil War == the politicians bungled it and if Sanders can’t see that — he’s just another lousy politician.

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