When to Peacock?


When to Black and White? When to go albino? When to do the osprey or the eagle? When to do the flamingo? When to jab or obliterate? Word choice, color choice, symbol choices are just a few choices we must make when we create. I prefer these as individual pictures, but sometimes you have to make do. Florida is lucky to have a wide choice of birds and only the peacock, of the ones shown, is not native to Florida. Our owl is dedicated to the goddess Athena. Peacocks  are Argos and a favorite of  Flannery O’Connor. She got her peacocks from Florida. She isn’t the origin of the Southern Gothic genre; I think the wide array of birds may be the cause. The images come from the Wikimedia Foundation, founded in St. Petersburg, Fl


Stoned or Stuffed?


Airboats are LOUD!!! How did they get a real bear on one? Why does Huey Lewis need a new drug? They must have had some good ones back in B&W days? Clint Howard has earned a living off his look, so poking fun seems fair? What kind of drugs did Ma and Pa Howard use to achieve this picture? They need to get Clint Howard on the Big Bang Theory. Ron did a space movie, but Clint did Star Trek. He’s a god.

The Dark Arts


Fire gives us the poetry of science. In mythology, Phosphorus is the light-bringer. John Emsley’s book may not thrill you as much as the cover, but people in the Arts can act as translators. In The Heart Aroused, David Whyte brings poetry to business. Historical Fiction uses artistic license to wet minds of those who can’t read dry history. You can call Florida the phosphorus state because we gave the world an important resource. People have always seen heaven and hell in Florida. The picture on the right shows our Gothic side. A Wikipedia picture of the day sits in the middle.

It knows it is an it.

Not Myself Tonight

Before the little blue pill, women had to charm the snake. Man had to see a woman as a sex object; it is how we made babies. Feminist talk about sexual objectification does leave out the obvious; men are just simple critters and women are simply complex. The Big Bang is popular because it shows even intelligent men behave off simple drives. I show Christina Aguilera because she has talent, money, and once played an innocent Mouseketeer. She’s not the first and not the last to perform such a photo-shoot. Is Ellen, the High Priestess of women now that Oprah stepped down? Is it politically correct for a straight man to ask a lesbian for a playbook? Who knows? First base.

Poet to Novelist to Screenwriter


Dorothy Porter appears to have made the jump. I haven’t read the the book nor have I seen the movie, but I know the difficulty in the leap. James Dickey, the poet, made the Leap with Deliverance; I have read and watched both works. I am allusion crazy and I realize people can’t always follow allusions without help. I found The Monkey’s Mask while trying to depict the use of the mask in my book. My mask does make a monkey of my main character, if you apply the cliché. We both appear to use BDSM, but mine is closer to how the housewife wanted to make Edward Scissorhands a sex toy. I write with humor, but Porter must fit the erotic thriller genre. My Related posts: The Dickey Experience and Hapless Heroes

PETA Hypocrisy?


Does consumerism hurt animals? Does it put animals (humans) in sweatshop cages? PETA does ask people to think, but I’m not sure they ask enough. The Brooke Hogan ad has merits because it delivers a simple message. I want to sue PETA for hurting my head with the three Joanna Krupa ads. She makes a good model for shallow consumerism and I think I’m correct in saying such behavior hurts animals. I meant for this post to be about feminism, so let me quote Stan Lee (he got it from Voltaire):

“With great power comes great responsibility.” (in regards to sex appeal)


Moby said to Ahab, “That’s not a harpoon”


I joke because that isn’t a real whale. It is a big dork, but a fake dork. It comes from Scheveningen in the Netherlands. The artist, Dirk Claesen, made it. You can read a bit about it on Wikipedia. My book has a fertility cult, so you can see why I bring up the dork and the many euphemisms. Human males don’t have bones in their boners; other male mammals do. They call the bone a baculum and some say it is Adam’s Rib. The joke in the title mirrors the joke in Crocodile Dundee II and ends with, “this is a harpoon.” This post also has a PETA purpose; more in a later post.

Watch Out For When This Genie Fumes


I hope Xtina enjoys a fart joke. NBC you owe me for this Saturday Night Live skit that acts as cross promotion for The Voice. Adam and Blake, you owe me for the setup and the laugh . Xtina just don’t send out a lawyer or a hit man. Cee Lo might be mad if he doesn’t win the fart off. For those needing explanation, read on:

Christina Aguilera performed in the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack and videos.

She also did the Genie in a Bottle song.

Barbara Eden fumes out of her bottle in the TV show I Dream of Jeannie.

Fartistes like Le Petomane drew in crowds at he Moulin Rouge.