For some, their personality doesn’t fit their stature. Peter Dinklage, shown with his wife (bottom right), portrayed a wrong fit in, The Station Agent. Pornstar, Bridget Powers (top left) embraces the freak. We don’t know how Morgante (bottom left) felt, but his job, caring for of the owl and other falconry, does show a possible sign of respect. Martin Klebba (top right) plays a pirate, but most don’t know dwarfs sailed with conquistadors and a dwarf pirate does sound likely because sailors prayed to dwarf gods. If someone made a movie from my book Meredith Eaton (top right) would be my She-it even though Bridget Powers embraces the role more. Freak means, “not the norm,” to me and I do feel for the ones that can’t embrace the freak. I do see the ethical problems with exploitation, but my history research took me to dwarfs and I saw the value in little people.

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