A Presidential Cigar


Before signing the embargo against Cuba, John F Kennedy ordered his H. Upmann Cigars. Herman Upmann married a descendant of Ponce de Leon. Spain found Florida during Easter week.

The first image is an Upmann Cigar poster found on Amazon.


My Bad


My bad writing skills do not allow me to use these relevant Florida artifacts. My description of the mask does not pass snuff. The Key Marco Cat fits well with the wives of my central god, Ptah, but any more than a passing reference does not work. My Ptah cult in Memphis, Florida ranges near Key Marco, but I doubt the natives made it due to Egypt. Talent can spin words to make a fit; nothing I came up with worked. Raven the myth and the bird crossed the Sarah Palin gulf; I doubt the cat myth did. I can rationalize Egyptian and Native American contact ad almost  took that path, but I still didn’t fully buy into the theory after I rote it. The path I eventually took gives me more leeway, so my writing can bumble about.

Wu Wei, A Possum In A Persimmon Tree

800px-Opossum-Philadelphia-horz Wu-Wei, “the action of no action, ” is a central concept in Taoism (Daoism). I see the Opossum as a Wu-Wei god. Native Americans gave us the central myth;

Coyote finds Possum in a tree; both play tricksters and Possum wins by playing dead. Those who study tricksters know, tricksters can play the winner or loser role.

George Amos Dorsey put the Trickster tale in his book, Traditions of the Caddo. TS Eliot appears to have seen this paradox. The poet, penned Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (It took stage as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats). Wikipedia says Ezra Pound gave Eliot the “Old Possum” nickname (David Loy points out the Wu-Wei link, so we all may have seen this independently). The opossum image comes from Wikimedia. The center comes from the Wikipedia’s Coyote page. We have the coyote cousin in Florida, so the last image comes from the Red Wolf page.

Face The Vase


We be, the vessels, filled from others. You can make a dog, man’s best friend or his worst enemy. So to, it be true, about men. “Them’” to them = us. You see them face the vase, between, good and bad, Gollum. Power can corrupt, even those most like the Hobbit’s of the Shire. Up top you see faces of fame, forever linked. You have a paradox when:

the Is = the Is not.

Hybrid image: optical illusion was developed by Aude Oliva MIT and Philippe G. Schyns of University of Glasgow.

An Ugly Paradox

Цифровая репродукция находится в интернет-музее gallerix.ru

Smiles are attractive. They smile in your face, the back stabbers. Smiles = an ugly lie. The two outer pics, depict the trial of Phyrne. Did she display the truth? I had no time or desire to preach this message in my last post, still don’t. Too complex. A look at the Wikipedia page for Phyrne helps (also source for Phyrne images). You may see:

Truth = Beauty = Ugly = Lie

The O’Jay’s may agree. You may also note shades of pride and shame in the images of Phyrne. Poet may prefer the lesson John Keats gives in, Ode on a Grecian Urn.

A Boring Apology Post

I made my last post to poke fun at an intelligent man’s big goof. The Sheldons of the world want more funding for subatomic research. The “God Particle” name has them in a bind and the fact they can’t put in words what their research will bring the world. I doubt they will evaporate the universe with a goof, but I’m not smart enough to know what chain reactions may take place if they poke the Higgs Boson. I made a fool out of myself and an intelligent man; I apologize to us both. People want to know what they get for their money. It was my main point. Space gives us pretty pictures. Subatomic particles make us go “Huh?”

When you assume you make an ass out of you and me. I had a headache and couldn’t sleep. He has other big problems.

Bikini Good, Bikini Bad


Bikinis got their name from a little bomb test on an island named Bikini Atoll. It came out bigger than planned. A Higgs Bikini ( I imagine it will look like the photo the on the left) doesn’t excite me; it looks too small. We might learn something, but pride may lead to a fall from Babel’s tower. I know some nuclear physics, but I’m not in the Big Leagues; I retired from the little leagues due to my scrambled eggs for brains. Knowing about the Higgs does fill some idle curiosity, but I only want to know which Bikini I get. The Red Sonja picture (© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons) gives me pleasure, but I also see how it may give me pain. Will a Sheldon understand this concept?

Playing Penny


I hit a Freshly Published post here on WordPress and I found a Sheldon. His title did not match his post. I didn’t know who the guy was, but I saw an obvious. I’m posting because I’ve been troubled by our back and forth. Common sense vs. high intellect; we both looked like fools. It appeared to threaten me with the intellectual might of his colleagues. I have been bullied by the best; I was in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program. It was where I first lost my mind. An intellectual drill sergeant plays the bully role and you have no choice, but take it or blow up the place. I turn a cheek and get hit again. Last night I wanted to explode. Lucky for the Sheldon, I do my best to just take it. I tried to make a point and he poked an old wound. Just blogging to get it out of my system. It was probably just two socially clueless individuals in a bungle. I think this is my first post not connected to my book. Me be upset. Me no like. Hulk want smash; me try not to. Me sorta wins. Guys have to play Penny, too. Normally, I’m more of a Raj.

Wiccans, Wobots, and Beer


(The almost true story of a computer god) Like all men, John Atanasoff dreamed of Wobots. He had to give it a brain. A barmaid served him a beer; he saw, 1+1, the ideal pair. A binary max, the first electronic computer bore fruit in his mind. Coors took credit when they gave him an award, but the barmaid played the muse. Phosphorus is the fire of life and it gave fire to Atanasoff; he had to get away from the fire and brimstone. You see, Atanasoff grew up in the Phosphate Capital of the World; he grew up in Mulberry. Not Opie’s home town; closer to brother Clint‘s neck of the woods.
The monument built for Atanasoff stands in Sofia, Bulgaria; his father came from the Yambol province.

The Rosicrucian (top right) vision of Sofia; it bears likeness to the Wicca version of she who is Wisdom incarnate. Ada Lovelace (top left) served wisdom to the computer god, Charles Babbage. Like Inanna to Enki. She, too, served a beer. Hedy Lamarr, the frequency hopper, had a hand in Wi-FI. Did she serve a beer? Of course. What did Inanna serve Enki to steal the Mes? Beer.

Lovelace and Hedy have deep history, here in Florida. But watch out for when Hooters serves Hecate’s beer. Until then, hoist a beer to Enki, the Geyser God, give hail to the Lizard King , and be wary woe-bots — may await to arise.