I’m sure others have looked at Renee Zellweger and wondered what is wrong with her. All these people come from Sami ancestry. Genetics comes down to whether your ancestor went right or left. They went north. Generations in snowy areas can lead to squint eyes and/or polar bear, white skin.  Catholic means universal, but shamans are universal. Renee’s great-granddad may have had the shaman’s drum seen in the lower right. Kutkh (Raven Spirit) myth flew from Siberia to the Americas, just like the bird. Native Americans have many genetic and cultural links to fishers in the arctic. The first Japanese came from a similar tribe. Genes are tricky like the raven. I don’t have a link to Sami genes unless it come from my Native American blood. I just need to do some explaining about things in my book. Natives in Florida, Mayans, Huns and many others flattened their heads (cranial deformation) to get squint eye. Beauty and normality are in the eye of the beholder.