I often make an amalgamations. All writers and artists do. The hero of Victor Hugo’s book, The Man Who Laughs, is made a freak by the Comprachicos. Hugo invented the Comprachicos, but I’m sure it comes from a combination of myths and the truth. The book inspired the invention of Batman’s Joker. Hugo gave may of his characters, superhero qualities. This is a book needing a movie remake. It even has romance. Kafka’s story, The Penal colony, combines the farmer’s harrow (lower right), tattoo needles, and the Iron Maiden. Kafka came to mind when I created my mask. I did not mean to make a horror story, so I did not elaborate on the fear of being turned into a freak. I did see it as a way to go. I made note about body modification in my Squint Eye post, but no seemed to have interest. I use an invisible man avatar for a reason. I am like Kafka, he hated publishing his work. I throw my work out into the world with a sense of horror. Part of me hates being noticed.