Percilla the Monkey Girl wins my heart. The supermodel, on the left, looks a bit ugly to me even when she waxes. The Percilla and Emmitt Bejano offer a unique love story. My lizard brain responds to supermodels, but it demands much less. Women make the rules and standards; men just go, “Doi-ng!” Feminism has two factions, those who exploit and those who hate exploitation. The first type has power enjoys their power over lizard; the other type wants to crush lizards. Lizards have a purpose, so have mercy on the lizard. Supermodels respect the less purrr-ty and have mercy on the lizard, too. People are animals and superficiality hurts all types of animals. PETA needs to stop the hypocrisy. Feminists go easy on the lizard; the lizard can’t help being a lizard. Think about all the baby lizards.


2 thoughts on “Monkey Girl Will You Marry This Lizard Brained BOY?

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