Horned out sailors often see Lay Lady Lay; been there done that. Lorelei, the siren in the rocks becomes the rock. Rocks mean danger, but they often save you. The hymn, “Rock of Ages,” speaks about the salvation in the rocks. You can see rocks as natures monument and they give you landmark when you find yourself lost. See beauty in every rock. Barrier islands like Amelia on the right give us protection from the storm. Mom is a rock, too. Throwing a small rock at a lover’s window means on thing and a big rock means another. Do I throw a rock when I see a rock on a blog? Yes, but I hope it lands soft. I think knowing your rocks is a good thing. Likes may inflate ego, but they don’t inflate talent. Rocks do. They called me Rocky in the Navy, part squirrel and part bashed up boxer. I know my rocks.


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