Add a missing piece or many – What hope have ye. I missed a piece of puzzle in a piece of my puzzle, in my last post. I’m more hack than master, but they call me nuke waste for a reason. Once in a while a brain cell glows within the dim chaotic mess in my head. I had to use some free to use and modify images, but I painted a close match to how I see my novel. The main illusion comes from Wikipedia. Not perfect, but I’m prouder than normal. If I can make Florida appear, somewhere here; I might find kismet, again. Did kismet appear in Depp’s quote on Wikipedia? I scare myself. So, freaky. I don’t care if anybody gets it; I try and I do. Freaking Apocalyptic. Simple, but effective. I like it; don’t give a lick who else does. Thanks Pedro, I had to cheat. I’m no master, but a master gave me an idea.


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