Angela Bassestt had the body and energy, but lacked the cheekbones. The singing voice came from Tina Turner, so the movie got away with less talent. If they did the movie a few years later; Beyonce had a good match. Angela may have still won the roll, due to acting talent.

Jamie Foxx does snarky and cool, but Ray Charles mostly does happy. Ray has a lanky look and I still see stocky Jamie when he does Ray, the movie.

We don’t have real Hobbits, but I bet a translation of Flipper speak looks like this: “What an odd boy they gave me. You know he looks like Hobbit. Yes, he does look like a Hobbit. Hey, somebody cast this kid as Frodo.

Some movies cheat. Monster cheated.Charlize Theron stole the role from less attractive candidates. Christina Ricci doesn’t use the same name and looks nothing like Aileen Wounos’ real lover. Ricci and Elijah Wood make a good match as long lost twins. Both have an attractive, but odd look. I look for Florida links and you will find many matches.


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