Contrast is good. Billy Idol’s switches style in the song, “Sweet Sixteen.” It worked as a soft romantic contrast to the brash style used elsewhere in his Whiplash Smile album. The song puts a lull in the Whiplash Smile album. Literature uses the same magic, by going back and forth between high and low tension. Bushes and trees brush, in the soft, into the picture on the right; it comes from the Coral Castle. Idol’s song and video stems from this magical place in south Florida. Read about Edward Leedskalnin and see what love did to this man from Latvia. In the picture, see how the fence ruins the landscape. Some elephants trample the magic.

I have an elephant in my first chapter; it comes in the form of a mask. Few authors get afforded the luxury of a slow start and describing the mask comes off as a speed bump. A critical item in a critical section. I made a post about Kafka’s, Penal Colony and the machinery description inspired my mask. I have rewritten many parts of my book, many times, but my poorly written description of the mask remains. Why? Because it is hard to Feng Shui an elephant.


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