Alice Nutter — Witch? Doubts on both counts, but possible. The witch part depends on what makes a witch. Many today adopt the witch label. Does brewing up old recipes make someone a witch? The crime came from the overreaction. The Church of England resembled the Catholic Church in patriarchal  bureaucracy. Some systems resist change. The Lancashire witch trials show justice in inaction.

Salem citizens admitted their wrong, but Popes and Kings stay away from such admission. Some Americans learned a lesson, some will never learn. We may have even gone backward in more recent years.

Gaiman and Pratchett did a good job with Good Omens. They have both done better work and I’m sure the team writing helps and hurts in different ways.


4 thoughts on “Grandma?

  1. Dunno about the other guy but Pratchett always does well. Especially I love his Granny Weatherwax (witch) and his characterisations of Death. And he solved the problem of the world hanging unsuspended in empty space …


    1. Gaiman doesn’t have Pratchtt’s humor. I blundered around your blogs and we do have similarities. Ending your posts with Kismet is giving me another Matrix moment or maybe it is a Hitchcock, Gaslight treatment. Very freaky.


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