Eva chose to strip, no man made her. News articles lead me to believe male domination keeps the women wrapped up in some Muslim cultures. I served in the Persian Gulf and I saw rich in excess in areas and beggars in others. Vast social inequality bothers me and I see more spread going on around me. Wikipedia had the center picture, on the dumpster diving page. I have seen dumpster divers in Florida, but the picture came from England. This leads to one question, does doing right make a sucker out of you?

How many dumpster divers have fought to save women on the left from burkha wrap? Maybe we fight for oil from the rich. Have you seen Dubai? Do Muslims hate US women, who choose to go naked? Do we hate them for keeping women covered up? Do they hate us for being rich or do we hate them for being rich? I can’t keep track.

We have given Eva and others freedom from dictators in Cuba. How many with ancestors who fought against slavery, in the Civil War, dumpster dive in a rich Black person’s trash? We fought Jew killing Hitler. Protestant America (includes deists, atheists, and agnostics) gave Catholics who stilled killed heretics the right to worship in their midst now, only Jews and Catholics sit on the Supreme Court. See Americanism (heresy) before you holler at me. Catholics bash Protestants and  whine about Catholic bashing? Who bashes who?

Does PETA care more for furry animals than furry people? Do most follow the latest Cult of Personality? Good song; bad practice. Kill Now, was in my original title,  it came from what I read in an  article titled, “How Many Pets Did PETA Kill in 2012?” You can Google it. I have bashed PETA in a few posts because I often see hypocrisy in their ads. Rich people cause harm to human and to wildlife in acts of excessive consumption. Some ads look like, “ Look at me, I’m pretending to be a caring person,” advertisements for celebrities. Models in extreme consumption do have sex appeal, but dumpster divers still have to eat their garbage to survive.

I’m a moderate extremist or a moderate in extreme? I hate all political parties equally because I look at individual issues and steer away from group-think   I write absurdly about absurd human behavior. It is the one extreme thing I do. I fit no race, creed, or color. I’m a freak, but no less so than you. I don’t know much, but I do know my pussycat wants to treat me like a lizard and playfully torture me until I die.


One thought on “Battle Between Extremes

  1. If you hate them and if they hate you — it’s because all have been conditioned to hate. Quite deliberately and following well thought out planning. Religions make a superb ready-made defining label (‘them’ or ‘us’) and dress labels the religion in some cases.

    Get rid of your pussy, get a dog—you’ll find the honesty you crave.

    Damn, I sense a kindred spirit. Your poor bastard …


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