I hit a Freshly Published post here on WordPress and I found a Sheldon. His title did not match his post. I didn’t know who the guy was, but I saw an obvious. I’m posting because I’ve been troubled by our back and forth. Common sense vs. high intellect; we both looked like fools. It appeared to threaten me with the intellectual might of his colleagues. I have been bullied by the best; I was in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program. It was where I first lost my mind. An intellectual drill sergeant plays the bully role and you have no choice, but take it or blow up the place. I turn a cheek and get hit again. Last night I wanted to explode. Lucky for the Sheldon, I do my best to just take it. I tried to make a point and he poked an old wound. Just blogging to get it out of my system. It was probably just two socially clueless individuals in a bungle. I think this is my first post not connected to my book. Me be upset. Me no like. Hulk want smash; me try not to. Me sorta wins. Guys have to play Penny, too. Normally, I’m more of a Raj.


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