You see, the title and translation of Orlando Furioso seems lacking. They say Mad Orlando comes closest. Mad does mean crazy and angry. Many feel lost love anger, but do we have a one word term. Maybe zealjeal, I see zealotry and jealousy in the poem and they do come close. I’m sure many with hearts in bloom for Bloom like my title, “Orlando In Heat.”

Ludovico Ariosto wrote the poem and the flawed history does hurt his work, but you can see how it may have helped muse the Lord of the Rings. How about, “Orlando with a Broken Ring.” Jilt does come in play. Orlando knows jilt; we have the supermen of Orlando basketball. “El Lakerio de Orlando,” might work.

Gustave Doré did the engraving on the left; I added some color because we just get to see the imprint of his amazing work. Our computers surpass him, but I’m in awe of his work for the time period he represents and the medium he worked in. Doré also did the artwork for Rabelais’, Gargantua and Pantagruel. You see, I have my own reason for my madness.


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