The Cardinal pimped out a kid to the King, so he could puppeteer the King through said kid. As an adult, the kid loses his head in trying to get back at the Cardinal. A saintly Courtesan, who the Cardinal tries to bed, paves the way for French Enlightenment.

France invented the Soap Opera. After the death of his father,  Cinq-Mars went under the (wink-wink) wing of the Cardinal’s friend. Seven  years later at the age of nineteen (too old for the true pedophile), Cardinal Richelieu pimped the teen out to King Louis XIII of France. The king preferred the grimace of BDSM over pedophilia. I take this quote about the beheading of Cinq-Mars from Wikipedia:

“Je voudrais bien voir la grimace qu’il fait à cette heure sur cet échafaud” (I would like to see the grimace he is now making on that scaffol

Anne “Ninon” de l’Enclos, after leaving a nunnery education, made her living playing hostess in literary salons. Artists and poets need a muse; Ninon knew how to muse. Salons have mixed reputation in history because the free love often practiced, often lead to donations for services. Ninon also gave back. In her early thirties, Ninon helped out the young and struggling Molière; she helped educate her accountant’s son (Voltaire) and named him in her will. Cardinal Richelieu once offered fifty thousand crowns for a night with Ninon; she took his gold, but sent over someone else to play with the Cardinal.


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