“I know you – You don’t know” has led to images on the right. Death may give you an answer about God, but until then you know what I know = Nothing. Does a God care if I’m a Doubting Thomas? Thomas saw much more than I did and Jesus accepted him. God may hate the Narcissus label more and people who say they know God may find themselves in deep doo-doo. Michener’s book The Source played a part in my decision to use a fertility cult in my own book. Images like those on the right play a part in my motivation and why I prefer the spiritual, but not religious label.

Images clockwise starting on the top left (from Wikipedia)

Narcissus by Caravaggio depicts Narcissus gazing at his own reflection.

Both pictures on the right come from the page about the Waldensians. Yes, Jews have been persecuted but Protestants didn’t fare any better than Muslims, Native Americans, or Jews under Papal rule.

The Source by James A. Michener explores the roots of religion.



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