A crude comedy and a romantic love story rolled into a classic. I think Canova captures Cupid and Psyche love story within the ass’s tale with the sculpture on the right. Note the beauty but also consider how the wings can allude to an ass’s ears. Her arms may form a heart, but I can see how ass’s muzzle can nuzzle above Cupids’ arm and Psyche’s breasts. It may come from my tendency toward double entendre or the artist, like Apuleius, put it there.

Even before I started weaving The Golden Ass into my novel; I had many of the same aspects. We both use metamorphoses and use fertility cults. Apuleius uses cults of Isis and Osiris; while, I make note that the names change but the roles stay the same in fertility cults. The female role often stars a mistress-goddess; which, no one dares to name. Apuleius and I also use hapless heroes and frame story technique.

The Cupid and Psyche tale falls under the term mise en abyme. Las Meninas by Velázquez, uses the visual form of this term. I use Velázquez in my first chapter for a reason; I also use mise en abyme. If my brain can can come up with a tale similar to the Cupid and Psyche tale; I might refine my use and improve on one of my weaker chapters. Don’t hold your breath; I’ve strained my brain past its limit already.

Clodion’s Cupid and Psyche (center) shows the little guys sometimes called the Putti. One of my first posts shows my thoughts.