Two “S’s” give meaning to the word. After you do some study in linguistics, you see how common words turn vulgar and politically incorrect. You can see from these ancient icons, Freud had reason to see things in a Freudian way. (Far Left) Eshu is one stubborn god; he kept popping up and still hang around. Religions try to reel in other cultures, but some things have priapic conditions. The name may change to Papa Legba to honor the Pope, but cocky old god hangs around like a towel hanger.

The Greek Priapus (center) seem to branch off from the Pataikos, who branches off from my main man – Ptah. I have an assinine theory about ports that may not be so assinine. Sailors expect to find asses in ports and you can also expect them to act like asses. Ports act as crossroads and asses gravitate to crossroads. In ports of yesteryear, packages from ships got unloaded onto asses. Do you need to do a double take?

Yeehaw Junction, a crossroad for Florida cattle drivers, may have gotten its name the asses outside the bar or the yeehaws from rodeo riders riding ass inside the bar. Yes, cow pokes did some poking under petticoats at the junction. I don’t know how serious our ancestors took our old gods, but I think a Trickster ass like Eshu must have created himself. Eshu (Ellegua) like the Roman god of ports, Portunes, falls under the liminal deity category. Livestock like cattle, asses, and rutting rams often associate with liminal deities.

The last picture depicts Min; he is and isn’t the pottery god Ptah; and he is and isn’t the pottery god, Khnum; he also is and isn’t Amun ; and he is and isn’t Ra, too. Ain’t mythology fun. I’m Agnostic and only hope for heaven, but I’m still hoping for wild nights when I moor into Emily Dickinson’s heavenly port.


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