I consider this the James Joyce reaction to Dominique de Gourgue. The conquistador, Pedro Menendez, took Fort Caroline (right pic) and beheaded people he saw as heretics. De Gourgue then took revenge on the Spanish who occupied the French built fort. Menendez hung this sign on beheaded bodies, “Not as Frenchmen but as Lutherans.” De Gourgue hung up this sign, “Not as Spaniards but as murderers,” on his fellow Catholics. Later in life, De Gourgue took a role in the Siege of La Rochelle; thereby, killing the same group he had avenged. Did he leave the sign Menendez left? I doubt many so-called Lutherans considered themselves Lutheran; they may have joined the new so-called religion because they hated the Spanish just like De Gourgue.

We keep the past to learn from it. When I heard Boston sing, “Sweet Caroline,” the ode to Catholic Camelot; I thought about humans never learn. James Joyce saw the same in Ireland because he knew history. Ireland takes less pride in the IRA and like most Europe has moved farther away from Catholicism. Religion died in France; Italians protested the Church’s stance on Galileo. We see several news headings like, “Pope Cracks Down on US Nuns.” The foolish Chris Mathews thinks Obama should bring in the Pope to act as ambassador to Muslims. What do Muslims think when they hear the ode to Catholic Camelot. I’m sure they don’t think about my Fort Caroline, but Catholics and Muslims spear each other with heretic barbs. I’m like Joyce; I just mock the insanity. Religion needs to take a backseat and never wear a Papal gown with elitist Gucci sunglasses.


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