Note to self: Find your prime point before your book leaves its prime. Theme = Foundation.

Florida = Theme Park = Nature or life itself

Karen Russell almost sums up her, Swamplandia!, theme to this: …ghosts of the past, and their doomed, miraculous visions of the future, that they keep missing one another in the present. I think the three dots caused her a problem. Most people leave Swamplandia frustrated because Russell did not sum up quick. Florida/Nature/Life paralleled to a theme park turns her story into a two character book and rids her of a disjointed character. A simple theme helps shape character arc and your overall plot. An author’s style may not match a reader, but a poor foundation never matches an author. Russell’s Magic realism limits her readership to fans of the style. Sometime you don’t need a third piece. The undertones of the cover go with the Silver Springs photo, but the Gatorland photo looks ill fit. It just works as contrast in the literary realm. Some people need different types of editors. I screw up in other ways.


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