He writes about entropy. The Simpsons portray him with a bag over his head. Ward Sutton’s cartoon paints the best known image of the man, other than his sailor suit shot. I hate him; he reminds me of me. Without intention, I mimic the laws of thermodynamics. I haven’t read all Pynchon’s work, but I’m sure my one paragraph will surpass him in loopity loops. I may even out slow him and I’ve got my own sailor suit shot.

Looking for an image to capture Pynchon, I found an illustrated review by Ward Sutton. Good stuff.

Ward Sutton’s cartoons and illustrations have appeared in theVillage Voice, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Time,Esquire, The New Yorker, and on the Op-Ed page of theNew York Times.
Ward’s Drawn to Read appears monthly in the Barnes & Noble Review.