Squeak in’a Freak


Menists cry – foul or give the fowl finger to the goddesses for giving them the Job treatment and not giving them the Björk-job from her music video. Look how Björk portrays men on her Pagan Poetry album (last pic). Are we not more than a peeping Toms or just plain Dicks? Maybe not, but Menists cry anyway in fake outrage of our hairy forefathers. I’m sorry, but the more I read about the Catch 22’s of Feminism – the crazier I get or got or whatever. Men only ask–when you ladies decide what Feminism is; let us know and we might be willing to comply or at least plop things close enough to look like compliance. Right now the Feminist Bible looks like an inter-dimensional weaving of some very alien species. Did a man make Björk do a video which portrays a woman stitching a Wedding Dress to her body with to a Love-Lacein theme, and going Manson chick with the mantra of, “I love him, I love him, I love him? I lay odds Björk does everything on her own very free will.

Feminism is one of my Literary Buoys or Literary Star that things swim or orbit abound. Florida is another Literary Buoy, but Björk has little relevance to the topic of Florida. I squeak her into the freak category and she does circle the Feminist category. I think she also fits My trans-Atlantic crossing theory that Arctic Ocean fishers, like Laplanders, are related to the first people to cross over to the America’s. Pagan Poetry even fits “my roots of religion theme.” But, in all honesty; I just wanted her for the hair. I put it on the Swede, but I see it better fits my Hunnic Honey


A Hot Florida Video


We don’t own many celebrities (besides sports) in Florida; we often have to share. We have to share Johnny Depp; he grew up here but he was born in Kentucky. Depp tends to hang around with other Floridians like Marilyn Manson; his old buddy River Phoenix lived some teen years in Florida; even his bud, Hunter Thompson,did some time in Florida. Florida linkage may have formed the cast in Tom Petty video, Into the Great Wide Open. Petty, a native son of Florida, brought a daughter of our state, Faye Dunaway to join our adopted son to form the cast. I don’t know if Gabrielle Anwar had links to Florida at the time, but she marries us in her role on Burn Notice. Anwar gives us an eyeful in the video; I’m sure some may get more heat from Depp. Tom Petty surrounds himself with Heartbreakers, but I may even be able to smoke him with a top hat.

Fangs of Miami


Snakes get mostly bad press in Florida, due to the alligator swallowing pythons. Some snakes revel in the sun, due to Bill Haast and the Miami Serpentarium; it slithered into Florida as another tourist attraction, but it also brought us clout in the field of venom research. In Sssssss , a doctor turns his assistant into snake-man and pimps him out in a freak show. They should have located the film in Florida because we led the world in freaks (See Gibtown) and snake milkers. The Miami Serpentarium dropped out of the tourist attraction biz, but the labs still prosper.


I wanna suck your


The world’s oldest trope, in my opinion; beware the Witchy Woman. How far back does Mami Wata (top left) go back; she may limbo back to the time of Homo Erectus for all I know. I will give her the benefit of doubt and say the Greeks stole Lamia (the redheaded goddess on her knees in John William Waterhouse’s painting) from the Africans. The vampire most likely came from the snake linked succubus. I wonder if the blonde (Josephine Smith) has Romanian blood; she went vampire on an elderly man outside a boarded up Hooters (dare we say HAUNTED HOOTERS, yes we may), in Florida. Last but not least, if I’m going to be sucked, we have the other vampire from Florida (Angela Bassett from Vampire in Brooklyn). I had a succubus in my book, but I forgot the snake. These blog posts have helped with finishing touches.

Did Mami Wata, the boogie- woman, scare Homo Erectus homo?

Good God-Head


If God made man in his own image; God must look like Geb (The snake headed god in the first image). Man’s little head gets big when the naked goddess embraces the serpent. Knowledge is stupid, so says the bible. Gnostics see value in knowledge and embrace the snake. Should you swallow the seed of knowledge? I’m the average guy and don’t deny enjoying a stereotypical dumb blond that swallows my mystic snake jive. Gnostics have embrace William Blake as a Patron Saint; his Eve swallows. Eve, in the second image, merges with Lilith in third and the snake (Sofia-Aeon = Wisdom in Time).

The serpent staff of Moses shows “good snake” symbolism. “Bad snake” symbolism came in the form of the devil. The rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, used as a symbol for medicine remains with us today, as a “good snake” symbol. Gnostics marry the Pagan and Christian world to the Jewish Kabbalah and Islamic mysticism. Scientology stems from work done by, the pioneer rocket-fuel scientist and occultist, Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (see Babalon Working where Aleister Crowley’s “Scarlet Woman” brings the Aeon of Horus and ends the Aeon of Osiris represented by Christianity, other patriarchal religions, and male-dominated social institutions.

Am I anti-Feminist? Yes, I hate how many feminists don’t know about opposing feminist theories. May I offer a suggestion, for the latest wave of feminists, take a new name. How about Womanist; or better yet, Wombist to get rid of the man in the middle. Only politically correct males (otherwise known as liars) and dysfunctional men refuse to admit the truth about sex objects. Yes, a man can see women in other ways but you still have the fundamental truth about need for sex objects.

Snake Flakes


Humans do the love and hate thing in world mythology; when it comes to snakes.Oh William Blake, you naughty boy; see the definition of intercourse and see that Eve did perform oral intercourse with a snake. Hinduism and Buddhism have the Nagas (middle image). In the African diaspora, Mama Wata wraps herself up with a snake lover. The Greeks have Lamia. China has Madam White Snake; Fuxi and Nüwa; and Gong Gong. Mesoamerican mythology has the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. Snakes don’t do cold weather, but the Norse still have their World Serpent, Jörmungandr. You see, the world is filled with snake flakes.


Slather on the Slitherer


Snakes take the crown from the Bulls at the Religious Stakes. I write about religious roots and snakes have a larger fan base; if you count the haters as a type of fan. I wrote about Minoan bull-leaping, but the Minoans also had the snake goddess seen on the far right. Snakes deserve another scene in my book. The cattle culture plays a large role in my writing, but snakes need a larger role.

Circus acts use snakes for the same reason as religions; the Circus of Fear gives good title to the reason why both use snakes. Priests from the Inquisition would have burned Britney Spears at he snake for promoting rival religious beliefs. Pagans and Gnostics had higher opinions about snakes. Fear places a part in the snake’s charm, but Britney’s sexing of the snake shows the other reason for their appeal.


The Odd God Squad


The authors of Mushrooms Myth & Mithras follow the same cow trail I do. Some call Amanita Muscaria mushroom, “Raven’s Bread,” and the shrooms often grow in cow pies. I skipped the “raven” picture to focus on the, Cattle Egret. Mythology muddied by time has left us guessing at ancient symbolism. Ancient Egyptians may have lumped the Cattle Egret with the Ibis. You must admit the egret, in the last picture, looks mighty regal on his buffalo perch. Egyptians had Hathor the cow goddess and Thoth the Ibis god. The first picture shows the Roman Mithras standing atop older bull mythologies, like Ptah – Apis and Brahma from the Hindu pantheon.


To Bind, Steal, and Demonize


Zoroaster stole and demonized aspects of Hinduism; Romans stole and demonized the made the Zoroastrian religion of Persia to make the Mysteries of Mithras; Christianity came from a S & D of Mithras after Constantine made his empire. The name, Mithra, derives from “Mi” = “to bind” and “tra” = “that which causes” or “that which causes to bind” = covenant.

Religion = “to bind” or be torn asunder. Catholics gave us the Inquisition; Muslims offer Jihad. Religions get bound together just like a calf in a rodeo before it meets its butcher. My last two posts about Taking the bull by the horns and  Chasing the Green have led to this post about how bull-leaping turned into a religion and a sport. Man herded cattle before he had a horse or even a dog to help. The skill of bull-leaping was a savior to ancient man. I’ve had a hard time with these posts because I see the connections, but the putting things, in a simple and coherent post, does pose a problem.