Add the clam shell goddess, Aphrodite, to the conch dwelling Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, and you may see a seafood eating theme. Some theories don’t hold their water, but some like women do. Womb = Water bearer and is where little babies swim. Males like the geyser god Enki claim to act a water givers and try to take their acclaim; thus, the fight a fight over the the ma in “marine,” between ma and man. Linguistic origins almost always get won by man, but ma held on. The conch like the womb also acted as a water bearer.

Look at Vishnu and his fishy birth canal look. Vishnu holds the Panchajanya; which, represents life and Vishnu uses it as his trumpet. I’m not going into the complex myths of Hindus; I just know what smells fishy. Did dudes in the past do some tongue fishing to go along with their spear fishing? I’m guessing, YES.

The Ashtamangala (3rd image) shows a conch in the upper right corner. It shows how the conch ranks up there with the sacred lotus and why Hindus blow the conch in many ceremonies.

The 1st image comes from the Aztecs. Native American loved their shells. In Florida, they used shells for most everything. They used a conch built hammer; they used a whelk for their ceremonial Black Drink; they used them as jewelry; they built shell mounds for multiple reasons; they used them as wampum as most everybody knows.

I hate the drive down to the Florida Keys, also known as the Conch Republic, but I know tongue fishing is a popular pastime down there. I have thought about going down for Fantasy Fest; it sounds like a good tongue fishing season.


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