This saying, the rodeo, bull fighting, the running of the bulls, and the circus; all come from ancient cattle culture practices.  Both pictures derive from the Bull-Leaping Fresco taken from the Great Palace of Knossos, on the Greek island of Crete. Io’s journey partially traces the cattle culture going across the Turkish Straits and ending in Egypt, but India has a sport called Jallikattu; which, shows the cattle culture extended much farther. Cattle rustlers may have seen cow loving India as an easy source for cattle cash and may have taken a few sips of Soma. Dionysus brought an entheogen wine back from Nysa and India may have claim to this place called Nysa. The haoma drinkers known as the Sakas of northern Afghanistan had tribal connections to the Scythians (who later turn into Goths and Huns); these tribes connect Greek and Hindu Mythology. The Scythians held Heracles, the heralded cattle rustler, up as a hero.

The ancient Greeks knew about India and; the poet Nonnus in the Dionysiaca tells us about Hydaspes and, in the real life Battle of the Hydaspes River, Alexander the Great defeated the Indian king, Porus. The Cyclops, the Amazons, and the Lotus Eaters may originate in Scythian territories. Notice the women in the images, they may draw from the Greek goddess known as Artemis. I jest that she provided entertainment for horny stag parties because she like the Scythians link to stags.

I have one point about all this – and it’s all bull or maybe mushrooms growing cow pies.


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