If God made man in his own image; God must look like Geb (The snake headed god in the first image). Man’s little head gets big when the naked goddess embraces the serpent. Knowledge is stupid, so says the bible. Gnostics see value in knowledge and embrace the snake. Should you swallow the seed of knowledge? I’m the average guy and don’t deny enjoying a stereotypical dumb blond that swallows my mystic snake jive. Gnostics have embrace William Blake as a Patron Saint; his Eve swallows. Eve, in the second image, merges with Lilith in third and the snake (Sofia-Aeon = Wisdom in Time).

The serpent staff of Moses shows “good snake” symbolism. “Bad snake” symbolism came in the form of the devil. The rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, used as a symbol for medicine remains with us today, as a “good snake” symbol. Gnostics marry the Pagan and Christian world to the Jewish Kabbalah and Islamic mysticism. Scientology stems from work done by, the pioneer rocket-fuel scientist and occultist, Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (see Babalon Working where Aleister Crowley’s “Scarlet Woman” brings the Aeon of Horus and ends the Aeon of Osiris represented by Christianity, other patriarchal religions, and male-dominated social institutions.

Am I anti-Feminist? Yes, I hate how many feminists don’t know about opposing feminist theories. May I offer a suggestion, for the latest wave of feminists, take a new name. How about Womanist; or better yet, Wombist to get rid of the man in the middle. Only politically correct males (otherwise known as liars) and dysfunctional men refuse to admit the truth about sex objects. Yes, a man can see women in other ways but you still have the fundamental truth about need for sex objects.


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