We don’t own many celebrities (besides sports) in Florida; we often have to share. We have to share Johnny Depp; he grew up here but he was born in Kentucky. Depp tends to hang around with other Floridians like Marilyn Manson; his old buddy River Phoenix lived some teen years in Florida; even his bud, Hunter Thompson,did some time in Florida. Florida linkage may have formed the cast in Tom Petty video, Into the Great Wide Open. Petty, a native son of Florida, brought a daughter of our state, Faye Dunaway to join our adopted son to form the cast. I don’t know if Gabrielle Anwar had links to Florida at the time, but she marries us in her role on Burn Notice. Anwar gives us an eyeful in the video; I’m sure some may get more heat from Depp. Tom Petty surrounds himself with Heartbreakers, but I may even be able to smoke him with a top hat.


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