Menists cry – foul or give the fowl finger to the goddesses for giving them the Job treatment and not giving them the Björk-job from her music video. Look how Björk portrays men on her Pagan Poetry album (last pic). Are we not more than a peeping Toms or just plain Dicks? Maybe not, but Menists cry anyway in fake outrage of our hairy forefathers. I’m sorry, but the more I read about the Catch 22’s of Feminism – the crazier I get or got or whatever. Men only ask–when you ladies decide what Feminism is; let us know and we might be willing to comply or at least plop things close enough to look like compliance. Right now the Feminist Bible looks like an inter-dimensional weaving of some very alien species. Did a man make Björk do a video which portrays a woman stitching a Wedding Dress to her body with to a Love-Lacein theme, and going Manson chick with the mantra of, “I love him, I love him, I love him? I lay odds Björk does everything on her own very free will.

Feminism is one of my Literary Buoys or Literary Star that things swim or orbit abound. Florida is another Literary Buoy, but Björk has little relevance to the topic of Florida. I squeak her into the freak category and she does circle the Feminist category. I think she also fits My trans-Atlantic crossing theory that Arctic Ocean fishers, like Laplanders, are related to the first people to cross over to the America’s. Pagan Poetry even fits “my roots of religion theme.” But, in all honesty; I just wanted her for the hair. I put it on the Swede, but I see it better fits my Hunnic Honey

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