Think before you Lob for a Harem Job


The dude on the left may look like he holds his junk, but he has no bag to hold; he might still have a trunk. I’m sure Shaq just took money without a thought to do the Kazaam movie, but he might want to think before taking a harem related job. The job as harem head also came with the title, Chief Eunuch. Harem jobs suck and not the good suck.

Man on right = Black man in Africa with no balls to play with and no money. Man on left got millions to do a bad movie a millions more for playing with balls in America. Racist America?


Hack a Sack


Do some Feminists want to bring back the Castrati? Will they just settle for the testicles or do they want all the male junk? In order to keep their favorite boys, the Sistine Chapel choir directors often took the castration route. Joseph Haydn, a notable composer, got lucky kept his ornaments; his voice changed before they stole the lunch sack of Felatios. I’m sure Haydn (top right) would have heard the dog calls of Farinelli (top center); some men fail as women. Anne Rice loves ‘guy on guy’ action so she may handle things different than the Farinelli movie. Religious acts of castration and circumcision stem from fertility rites, as seen in The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn; reaping the old to make way for the new. Testosterone provides sex drive, even in women. Men will be men unless the man hating Feminists castrate us. Good thing, the Power Over Penis types see us as their big old dogs. Paris Hilton has some perks; as long as she doesn’t taxidermy her Chihuahuas.

Castration plays a part in fertility rites and relates to the Cabeiri.

Power Over Penis


The penis is like a dog’s tail; it shows happiness. Women can’t get the same vibe from a vibe, so many swallow with pride when men gush with love. Men have always seen women as sex objects, so feminists fight in futility over this sex object issue. Do men try to take away chocolate from craving women? Women are a straight man’s chocolate. Problems come with abuse. Too much chocolate candy can lead to obesity. Too much Paris Hilton may cause other problems, but give her credit she’s not a hypocrite. Lipstick comes phallic shaped Paris knows she paints her lips as a target. Telemundo’s Dame Chocolate did an Ugly Betty variation and it showed man has a preference for superficial beauty, but men can see more. Men can overlook Bambi’s face from the Orangina ad because men are animals. Americanism does have a problem; too much money goes to marketing and it makes , obese.

Paris did some stuff in Florida, so she pops woodies in my book to mirror present times. I need to do something with Telemundo; since they have a presence in Florida. We have deer and oranges; I may have a bambi.


What the?


What the heck does Feminist mean? Don’t ask a Feminist because they can’t agree. If you don’t want to be called a bunch of irrational women then I suggest you do something rational like each group taking new names and starting anew. Guys with Feminist mothers have reason to blame his mom for his misery and insanity. Guys are just dolts; we don’t scheme against women. We might appease women, but we can’t appease Feminists because they have us in a Catch-22; where we lose no matter what we do. We may as well, do as we please. I only care about my book and I use Feminists as personality types. My mind works on word association and my need for a peacock brought to mind Flannery O’Connor, but she did not fit my Feminist angle. I turned to Flo – Florynce Kennedy (bottom right). My Flo-Flannery lights things up in nothing more than a paragraph or two.

Coming in Threes


You have the three in one goddess Trivia game. We often see three nymphs zippered together, but you can also see unzippered versions. In mythology you have the three Graces, the three Fates, the three Morrígna, the three Horae, etc, etc, and etc…

Robert Graves made popular the term, Triple Goddess; he appears right. The power in three seems quite Charmed. I’m ok with Three Faces of Eve, if they all charm the snake and don’t bite the head off.




Woemen = the immovable object = one who puts the brakes to Duhman, the supposed unstoppable force. I doubt we have a god in charge; a goddess makes more sense because the world makes no sense. If we had a god, then things would be simple because men are simple. Jean Shinodo Bolen makes things simple when she divides women into types: some who mother and some who prefer the bed of a lover. Don’t be fooled guys, look at the title; you don’t have one goddess in a woman; you have many goddesses in every woman; you are always out numbered. Inanna is a goddess of many things and she is a trickster = she is woman. She is a lioness = the pussy that wants to eat you.

The Big O


How many books do we need? I just go for the O, as in opus. Look up Magnum Opus (alchemy) in Wikipedia and you get the dude on the right; a knight in search of the Philosophers Stone. The search for an opus may give you a flightless bird. You might only get a one hit wonder like the Story of O by Anne Desclos (pen name Pauline Réage). I use the cover from Guido Crepax’s adaption because it speaks to the nature of the book. A woman wrote this book and Fifty Shades of Grey (E. L. James). Women appear to get off on the thought of objectification; hence, my point about confusion in feminist theory as seen in It Knows It is an It.


Respect the Dwarf


The dwarf stands tall in history and myth. Seneb shown with his wife (top left) five you and idea about how much respect the dwarf got in Egypt. Wrocław’s dwarfs (top right) acted as a symbol for an underground protest called the Orange Alternative movement, you can find many spread out through Wrocław, Poland. Several cultures in the Americas saw a connection between dwarfs and gods; the bottom picture shows Olmec respect. The dwarf often acts as an earth and fertility deity; hence, their role in my book’s fertility cult. I joke about the human race and I treat the dwarf with the same respect that I do the rest of humanity. I often feel bad about it because a dwarf may stand taller than the rest of humanity due to the alternative perspective.

The top pics come from the Wikipedia links above. And the bottom pic is at this Link.


Making It with Dwarfs


Someone may want to do a movie about he dwarf lovers in Egypt. The Bangles could make a comeback with,”Dwarfing like an Egyptian.”  The little Hindu dudes (first pic) have their guided missiles aiming at a Mohini. The Norse goddess, Freyja, wanted a necklace from some dwarves; she got one (2nd pic). Garden gnomes root from Priapus (3rd pic) and his giant redwood root. I suspect Priapus branches off the big branch of Ptah, who wears a skullcap like the one shown in the last pic. Egypt was the hot spot for dwarf dudes, but I suggest you read travel advisories before hunting for a Cleopatra. My last post shows how little folk make bunches of things in myth and folklore. Bridget the Midget may have made more whoopie than Whoopi Goldberg, so America may be a hot spot for the better breasted kind. Dwarfs everywhere may see everywhere as a hot spot, only a dwarf knows for sure.

Egypt did have respect for real dwarfs, so the real dwarfs and dwarves of myth often mix. I have respect for little people and my book deals with fertility and the dwarf god, Ptah. The first three pics come from Wikipedia links on this page. The last one is named, “Plaque with a Dancing Dwarf with Large Phallus;” it comes from Wikimedia.

The Dwarf Giveth and the Dwarf Taketh Away


Dwarves made Thor’s hammer; elves make Santa’s toys, little dudes do all the work, but watch out they may take it all away. It may go to back Ptah; it may go back to even older dwarven deities. The term “Pygmy” started out in myth. Scots had Pechs. Fairy folk also fit this peck sized picture of mythical beings. Dis Pater send out his Buds of May to spread his wealth to all his land. Thank the dwarf god; who gave us those made in his own image. Those little dudes with big hammers gave us more than we ever deserved.