Flying from the supermodel runway to the concert stage, Grace Jones disrobed into May Day. You might wonder; who lit the flame? Jones did a flip off of David Bowie; who gained inspiration from Andy Warhol. You can best blame the flame on Elvis and his mainstream mosey from Memphis to glam of Vegas, but Warhol did a lot of the blowing to keep the flame alive. Jagger loved to stagger the line. What is the counterculture to counterculture?

Why do I care? I steal from Ian Fleming like Lady Gaga does from Grace Jones. May Day is one of my many odes to the Bond franchise; which has links to Florida. She looks like she can bully her way into my freak category and she plays well with my main character’s homophobia. How gay did Roger Moore feel with May Day on top? Does gay mean happy? Not according to Moore’s face. One last thing, the May Day festival bears meaning to my book, as well.


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