Inanna, the naughty stripper, stole the MeS from Enki and religion has been a mess ever since. I mix Metis and Demeter to make DeMetis, so I can combine concepts. Hindus say Saraswati’s wisdom helped create the universe and Metis is Deep Thought (Vāc is the vacuumous Deep Throat; sorry but I’m writing about a fertility cult which means sex. Graceful Saraswati rides her swan, during the Swan Song of Autumn, to bring wisdom to the awkward stork and the bundle of joy(?); and the songbirds start to sing. Pollinators have their orgy and humans give their thanks to Flora, during the orgy of the Floralia.

Tiamat is a creatix and you can say the Ouroboros represents her. Snakes shed their skin like Inanna sheds clothes; both are born again in new birthday suits. Strippers go skinny dipping at the Floralia and the larks sing.as they look. My more complex diagram is still a bit messy, Inanna probably goes before Flora.

Juno or Hera represents the threat of drought; she is the bad mother. Case in point, what does she do to poor Hephaestus? Hera just plain hates kids; she sends Python after the twins, Artemis and Apollo; she sends more snakes after Heracles. Tiamat = good snake and Python = bad snake. Hera’s peacock shows the beauty that summer can bring and is the Hindu snake killer. Summer can bring the good or the bad.

No, Karma is not a goddess; but Karme is the Cretan demi-goddess of the harvest. Karma is a reap what you sow theology and you reap at harvest time in Autumn. I don’t know if there is a true link between Karme and Karma, but mythology is a mess. Why not try to give a half way clean picture? I’m writing fiction; I just want a clean set of allusions. Funny thing is the MeS are rules of order.


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