Yeah, I can spell. I also know irony. Greece had a nymph named Chloris, but the Romans turned her into a goddess named Flora. Italy also gave her  a festival, the Floralia. Flora gave Florida her name, by way of Ponce (The Finger) de Leon. Our state shares a strong connection to the circus fits with our namesake goddess. Prostitutes even got special invite to the festival; sex workers should petition one of our theme parks for a May Day like Disney’s Gay Day. If you don’t know why the rabbit got into the Easter picture; you can see why in the Prosper Piatti pic on the right. Thumper is a famed humper and I’m sure Jessica Rabbit can find new admiration at the Floralia. Our vineyards could get a bump in sales due to Favonius, Flora’s hubby. Lingerie football could replace the mock gladiator contests Florida ‘s theater groups can even get in on the action, more on that in my next post.



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