I’ve been called nigger lover by White racists and just plain racist by Black racists. I’ve been attacked by a Hispanic for a perceived social slight, but racial my heritage probably does not differ much from my assailant. I saw red when someone made a stereotypical comment about the Deep South. Georgia was founded on anti-slavery and Florida had laws giving slaves rights; New Jersey had none, but Jersey had either second or third in the number of slaves at the time of the Civil War. History is complex and people do not want to read deep into such a challenging subject.

People may read hate in what I write. Yes, I do some attacks on Feminists, but the I attack the fact many don’t realize opposing views exist under the Feminist label. Roman Catholics do the same thing. Liberal Catholics do what Martin Luther did at the beginning; he realized the Vatican was not going to change and split. Most Protestants know many different faiths fall under their title. Even Atheists, Muslims, and Agnostics fell in the same heretic label that the Vatican gave the Protestants. Liberal Catholics; you do fit the heretic profile that the Catholic Inquisitors killed over. God can take care of God; he does not need people to war over him. You just make your God look weak when you do. White and Black racists want to define me and for the most part I see race as all our ancestors walking in different directions — by chance. Mostly by chance, you are a boy or a girl and occasionally an in between model. I’m not a Feminist or a Menist; I’m a Worldist. My religion is I don’t know, third base. Try not to stereotype me too heavily; if you do not like being stereotyped yourself; then I won’t have to see red.

I use the N word to make a point; nigger-lover is just what White racists call Whites who will take sides with Blacks and Blacks racists expect you to stay on their their side for every issue. Dang, crazy. I take issue by issue. I try not take partisan sides. I’m registered, Independent. Yes, we have White racists in the south, but deeply stereotyping the South is just elitist or racial hate speech.

I’m sorry if my communication skills are failing, but I’m a Rodney King fan, “Can’t we just all get along.” It won’t happen if people don’t realize their role in this insanity. I got attacked because someone went he’s White and we’re in the South; he must be a racist. I have to admit the enforced stereotype did move me a little in that direction. I really just want to be neutral. I hate bringing up the Catholic stuff, but this same stupid religious battling keeps going on and on. I need to bring up the history because we should have learned from a long time ago. I don’t hate Muslims, but I don’t care for Jihad anymore than the Inquisition. Maybe we should split up to different sections of the map. I claim Florida because my Spanish and Native American ancestors were here even before their was such a thing as a Seminole. “I Don’t Know” is now our official religion. I just hope I can now sleep.


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