Man, you are such a Homo. Victor Hugo calls his wolf – Homo and his Homo – bear. English may even make Bat-Homo gay. Warning, if someone calls you a Homo and you are a man who says no; then you are saying you are not a man. Ain’t English a hoot. Go to the Man Who Laughs page on Wikipedia and you will see, “homo homini lupus“, means “man is a wolf to [his fellow] man.” You will also find out about Homo, the wolf and his best friend,  Ursus (which means bear). Homo is a tricky-dickey word. Would you rather be miserable or gay? Have laugh because the Man Who Laughs never does; just like the Batman.

Bill Finger and Bob Kane patterned Batman after The Shadow; who looks a lot like the hero from the movie version of Hugo’s work (far right image). Actually, the Joker is patterned after the Hugo’s hero, Gwynplaine. The Joker’s smile comes from Hugo’s hero. A group of men disfigure Gwynplane and turn him into a freak to exhibit him in show’s. In some ways, Joker, Batman, and Robin merge in Gwynplane.

Just imagine, the Bat-homo dressed as the Quaker Oats dude. Does he strike fear in fellow Homo hearts. Batman takes pride in his Quaker heritage; I wonder what they think of him? Kane chose a Quaker heritage for the same reason as the Quaker Oats people did — their sterling reputation. I’m not sure Batman tits their preference for non-violence. I guess they are too nice to sue. All the world should go Quaker.

Homo translates better to human,but I think the odd logic still works. If you are male and deny you are Homo the you deny being man.



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