Someone may want to do a movie about he dwarf lovers in Egypt. The Bangles could make a comeback with,”Dwarfing like an Egyptian.”  The little Hindu dudes (first pic) have their guided missiles aiming at a Mohini. The Norse goddess, Freyja, wanted a necklace from some dwarves; she got one (2nd pic). Garden gnomes root from Priapus (3rd pic) and his giant redwood root. I suspect Priapus branches off the big branch of Ptah, who wears a skullcap like the one shown in the last pic. Egypt was the hot spot for dwarf dudes, but I suggest you read travel advisories before hunting for a Cleopatra. My last post shows how little folk make bunches of things in myth and folklore. Bridget the Midget may have made more whoopie than Whoopi Goldberg, so America may be a hot spot for the better breasted kind. Dwarfs everywhere may see everywhere as a hot spot, only a dwarf knows for sure.

Egypt did have respect for real dwarfs, so the real dwarfs and dwarves of myth often mix. I have respect for little people and my book deals with fertility and the dwarf god, Ptah. The first three pics come from Wikipedia links on this page. The last one is named, “Plaque with a Dancing Dwarf with Large Phallus;” it comes from Wikimedia.


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