What the heck does Feminist mean? Don’t ask a Feminist because they can’t agree. If you don’t want to be called a bunch of irrational women then I suggest you do something rational like each group taking new names and starting anew. Guys with Feminist mothers have reason to blame his mom for his misery and insanity. Guys are just dolts; we don’t scheme against women. We might appease women, but we can’t appease Feminists because they have us in a Catch-22; where we lose no matter what we do. We may as well, do as we please. I only care about my book and I use Feminists as personality types. My mind works on word association and my need for a peacock brought to mind Flannery O’Connor, but she did not fit my Feminist angle. I turned to Flo – Florynce Kennedy (bottom right). My Flo-Flannery lights things up in nothing more than a paragraph or two.


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