The penis is like a dog’s tail; it shows happiness. Women can’t get the same vibe from a vibe, so many swallow with pride when men gush with love. Men have always seen women as sex objects, so feminists fight in futility over this sex object issue. Do men try to take away chocolate from craving women? Women are a straight man’s chocolate. Problems come with abuse. Too much chocolate candy can lead to obesity. Too much Paris Hilton may cause other problems, but give her credit she’s not a hypocrite. Lipstick comes phallic shaped Paris knows she paints her lips as a target. Telemundo’s Dame Chocolate did an Ugly Betty variation and it showed man has a preference for superficial beauty, but men can see more. Men can overlook Bambi’s face from the Orangina ad because men are animals. Americanism does have a problem; too much money goes to marketing and it makes , obese.

Paris did some stuff in Florida, so she pops woodies in my book to mirror present times. I need to do something with Telemundo; since they have a presence in Florida. We have deer and oranges; I may have a bambi.



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