Do some Feminists want to bring back the Castrati? Will they just settle for the testicles or do they want all the male junk? In order to keep their favorite boys, the Sistine Chapel choir directors often took the castration route. Joseph Haydn, a notable composer, got lucky kept his ornaments; his voice changed before they stole the lunch sack of Felatios. I’m sure Haydn (top right) would have heard the dog calls of Farinelli (top center); some men fail as women. Anne Rice loves ‘guy on guy’ action so she may handle things different than the Farinelli movie. Religious acts of castration and circumcision stem from fertility rites, as seen in The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn; reaping the old to make way for the new. Testosterone provides sex drive, even in women. Men will be men unless the man hating Feminists castrate us. Good thing, the Power Over Penis types see us as their big old dogs. Paris Hilton has some perks; as long as she doesn’t taxidermy her Chihuahuas.

Castration plays a part in fertility rites and relates to the Cabeiri.


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