Line Out the Outline


The above image almost depicts my original outline. I added an extra ? to make me look a bit smarter. Maybe the very experienced writer and the extremely meticulous type can begin with an outline, but many should do this to the outline. This weekend I posted a mind map page and it may help with my editing. A more defined center have occurred; if I made the mind map earlier. One problem — my research caused me to change directions and I doubt the mind map could have happened earlier. I don’t know how the center turned into , but it did; it did, as Tweety Bird might say. Dante’s Divine Comedy did influence some things, but I did not put any early focus on his Dis.  Kismet landed me on the term Dis and the term Kismet (itself); again, and again, and again. Flora sprouted up next; which fit in with fertility cult; which, began as a trickster cult. The trickster archetype does not have a major cult, but they do major play roles in fertility cults. Many renowned authors do not begin with an outline. Sometimes you just have to accept the ?


The Zen of Ten Bulls


I think this compares well to the Hero’s Journey. I haven’t seen it as a writer’s guide, but I think a writer can benefit. The empty circle, at step eight, is what I find very important. It is the time of reflection. The numeric symbol for completeness is seven in many cultures and in this the journey. The hero reached a new level, but he must question if there another level. The next three pertain to the next level or book. Let us say your hero won his battle over lust (The first of the Seven Deadly Sins); it still leaves six more sins to go. The hero has attained enlightenment in on area, but needs to begin a new cycle to conquer another level. Step eight is where the hero must look to find if he or she has won the battle and not the war. Is there another battlefield? (Mine is editing.) The source of step nine is the mirror of you. Ten occurs complete isolation does not solve much, unfortunately.

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The most famous series of woodcuts on the zen parable of so-called ‘ox-herding pictures’ (therefore historically significant). It was created by combinig single pics from viWP. Author is japanese (Kyoto) woodblock artist Tokuriki Tomikichiro (1902-1999).


File:Ten Bulls by Tokuriki Tomikichiro (1902-1999).gif by User:W. (which was sourced from vi:Thập_mục_ngưu_đồ)


Ten Bulls

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yes-and-no. The image is pretty close to the originals, but cropped (Japanese descriptions removed). JPEG Pictures were digitally edited and converted into GIF (later converted into PNG by third party).

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educational, used in Ten Bulls


Rather: None. This series, created in 20th century, is the most impressive one, and it is T.H.E version best known in western countries, having been used in Zen Flesh, Zen Bones by the Charles E. Tuttle Co. Inc. (ISBN 0-8048-0644-6 — Authors: Nyogen Senzaki, Paul Reps); The publishers allow online publication of this work as long as the following information is added:
The book is available in hardcover from Tuttle, toll-free number [USA] 1-800-526-2778 […].


Exotica of Isis


Isis has a talent for wrapping her arms and legs around things. A fertility goddess can twist around an animal goddess like Artemis-Diana or search for the penis of Osiris to screw it back on. The Herculaneum fresco on the bottom left shows a smorgasbord of women – Nubians, Blondes, and Redheads and I bet an Asian woman or two had a place in the ritual. A cult has much use for the exotic because the exotic is interesting. Cults want to mystify so, I’m sure they imported many rare beauties from other lands. Slaves saw Isis as the goddess who gave them riches in the afterlife.

The Roman temple of Isis in Pompeii has a theatre and it shows scenes of Io (mythology), Argos, and Hermes ( they have a role in one of my favorite chapters, in my book). Metamorphoses, Music, and Mystery held a place in all mystery cults, but the main theme of all mystery cults is life and death. Isis, the Cabeiri, Orpheus, and other deities of mystery cults represented salvation before Jesus came along and stole the scene. The bottom right image is an illustration by Jean de Bosschère for The Golden Ass and the Isis provides salvation for the hapless hero who turned into a donkey (also has a role in my book).

The theater played a role in mystery cults and my last few posts have tried to emphasize this fact. Isis had so much power she moved from Egypt to Greece and then to Rome. She’s preceded by the myths of Ishtar, Astarte, and the first divine striptease artist – Inanna. Feel free to go visit your local stripper to worship and tithe.


Rock, Opera, and Mystery Cults


Savatage and their larger alter ego, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), perform rock operas. I mentioned in my last post that the term, “Cabaret,” comes from the the mythical figures called the Cabeiri. A mystery cult formed around the Cabeiri and I can help, but suspect the rites held a musical performance in it’s ritual. Orpheus is another mystery cult member and he is a mythical musician. I’m surprised no one has made mystery cult rock opera, but I’m also surprised it took so long for Richard Wagner‘s opera Der Ring Des Nibelungen to get rocked (Andy DiGelsomina has done part of the adaption in Lyraka Volume 1). Even Hans Makart’s painting (lower left) which is based on Wagner’s opera looks like a rock album cover.

I allude to Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in my book due to the Tarpon Springs origin. I allude to Wager’s opera for other reasons.

Top Left pic: Hall of the Mountain King album cover

Top right pic:

Bottom Left pic:

Bottom right pic was altered by me but comes from:


The Cabaret of Coincidence


I like coincidence. Animerotics: A Forbidden Cabaret by David Delamare came up when I searched for the wheel of death. I wanted an interesting pic to depict Fortuna and his erotic twins in a knife throwing act came up. The word, “Cabaret,” forms the coincidence. I write about the Cabeiri and the word, “Cabaret,” from these figures from myth. They don’t directly link to mermaids and faeries, but they do when you look at our totally separate work. If you somehow find this post before you find his work, you may enjoy his work. He interests me. I wish I had the money to have him illustrate my work. I try to stick with long dead artists when I post on this blog and I skipped posting the twins picture due to uncertainty about copyright law. I hate wasting people’s time in asking for a low resolution image for my little seen blog. Cover art advertises for the work they adorn, so I’m just giving praise to their work and doing wishful thinking.

The Wheel of Depp


What are the odds? Two women with past relationships with Johnny Depp have posed as target girls in knife throwing acts. Vanessa Paradis, Depp’s baby momma, played a target girl in Girl on the Bridge. Kate Moss posed on the “wheel of death,” for the photographer team of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, in the April 2006 issue of W magazine. Destiny and Kismet indeed, Mr. Depp. I wanted an interesting image to Fortuna and her wheel of fate. The artistic representation of Fortuna’s wheel seemed surprisingly thin, so I searched for Death’s wheel and I had a better spin. Depp represents Florida and I can justify (to myself) the use of these ladies in my allusions. I still need to add the allusions, but I have some ideas.


Tribal Identity or Peer Fear


What’s in style? Long necks, long lobes, or maybe a striptease artist in socks. I have a hard time believing men have anything to do with these fashion decisions. The things women do for sake of fashion often looks and for all I know feels like torture. Genes make a natural self then society starts to chisel away. Europeans did not put burkas on women, but they did change the native dress in the Americas and other areas. Europeans started undressing themselves after clothing the colonies. Commercial fashion has taken over some of the trend decisions, but female peer pressure may still have the biggest say. I’m sure guys have helped strip the strippers with the dollar bills, but women handle most fashion choices.

Images from:’s_portrait_of_Padaung_’giraffe_women’_in_the_1890s.jpg‎


Being Prometheus Bound


In myth, Prometheus gave humans fire. He set fire to the mind; we call this gift enlightenment. In myth, Phosphorus is the light bringer and his name has been given to an element that lights up when exposed to air. Like Prometheus, phosphorus gives us fire; it is essential to life. You often find phosphorous bound to rock; it can’t live free because it combusts when naked to air. You see phosphorus in DNA, carbon is its rock. DNA chains us to our ancestors and their dust is a rock.

Mary Shelley authored Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus. Shelley wrote her novel before the discovery of DNA, but she still knew about the chains to our ancestors. Like the monster, we come from the parts of many; mom and dad are just the last two. Mary used the Prometheus myth in her book, but she is bound to Prometheus in another way. Percy Shelley translated Prometheus Bound and wrote Prometheus Unbound.

I write this because phosphorus plays a role in my book and Prometheus has some links to my book, as well.


Stache for a Stache


You can grow back a moustache, but some macho cultures take great pride in their stache. A stache is like religion; it has cultural significance. Animals have territorial instinct and man is an animal, so nationality is closer to an eye. Mark Spitz narrated the documentary film about an event in the 1956 Summer Olympics. Water polo garnered the greatest headlines when Australia hosted the Olympics and Russia invaded Hungary. The invasion led to the  Blood in the Water match when nationalism raised a proud head. Many will put down nationalism, but many of those people will sing different when events such as this take place. I allude to all this in my book, but I have great desire to dump the chapter because I fail to capture the complexity while keeping the tale simple. If we still have leaders in US that still follow the religion of the Inquisition; what hope do we have in conquering territorial instinct. Religion will need to fall many more pegs in status before global love can rise above global mistrust.

I do stay somewhat faithful to Florida by including Mark Spitz. Spring Break broke out in Florida when college swimming teams began training in Fort Lauderdale. Mark Spitz and others trained here, so the girls came for the hunks and other dudes followed the girls. When Spitz came he invaded the territory of the other stache; I try to stay a pig in these posts so, I can’t help but imagine the catfights between the fans. I wager Burt’s fans won.