You write your novel’s first word. A whole sentence forms; it turns into a paragraph and then into a page. Back in the day of paper, you would wad it up and test your basketball skills. Someone needs to make an app for throwing away your work, more fun. Writing lends itself to the spinners wheel, but it fertility rites own the creation process. Castration plays a part in fertility rites; you have to sacrifice. I weave fertility rites with Flora’s (the goddess) namesake state – Florida. Goddesses of mythology weave fate and I weave them into my work, as well. Darn means mend and most times it means mending a weave. Editing is darning. Darn also substitutes for, “damn,” and that relates to the underworld. Fertility rites often weave with funerary rites and I weave all this in my book. I am at the the darn stage and I prefer, “darn,” as my four letter word. It provides humor to the frustration.

My blog gets into topics like castration and has a lot of sexual innuendo because they play a part in fertility; thus, they playa part in my book.

I modified one of Harry Clarke’s illustrations from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s, “Faust.”