I’m trying to work something out in my brain. Peter Gabriel takes on nationalism in Games Without Frontiers and nationalism is one aspect that I deal with in my book. Gabriel borrows from the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber and I need to study this work to see if it helps my clear my brain. Sun Wen’s depiction of a scene from the Chinese work does catch my attention with the bush shapes. The bushes are shaped like dragons and I can guess the act as guardians of the threshold. My next blogs have slowed down because I want to get into this area of frustration. I prefer to use Florida related people in my book, but I Peter Gabriel will probably get an exception because of this song. I’ve given the exception for more trivial reasons, so I can do this with better conscience. Nationalism has a good and bad side; which, makes it a difficult subject to write about. May people and every elitist sees things in simple terms; a writer may have to use simple terms, but few things are simple.


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