You can grow back a moustache, but some macho cultures take great pride in their stache. A stache is like religion; it has cultural significance. Animals have territorial instinct and man is an animal, so nationality is closer to an eye. Mark Spitz narrated the documentary film about an event in the 1956 Summer Olympics. Water polo garnered the greatest headlines when Australia hosted the Olympics and Russia invaded Hungary. The invasion led to the  Blood in the Water match when nationalism raised a proud head. Many will put down nationalism, but many of those people will sing different when events such as this take place. I allude to all this in my book, but I have great desire to dump the chapter because I fail to capture the complexity while keeping the tale simple. If we still have leaders in US that still follow the religion of the Inquisition; what hope do we have in conquering territorial instinct. Religion will need to fall many more pegs in status before global love can rise above global mistrust.

I do stay somewhat faithful to Florida by including Mark Spitz. Spring Break broke out in Florida when college swimming teams began training in Fort Lauderdale. Mark Spitz and others trained here, so the girls came for the hunks and other dudes followed the girls. When Spitz came he invaded the territory of the other stache; I try to stay a pig in these posts so, I can’t help but imagine the catfights between the fans. I wager Burt’s fans won.



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