In myth, Prometheus gave humans fire. He set fire to the mind; we call this gift enlightenment. In myth, Phosphorus is the light bringer and his name has been given to an element that lights up when exposed to air. Like Prometheus, phosphorus gives us fire; it is essential to life. You often find phosphorous bound to rock; it can’t live free because it combusts when naked to air. You see phosphorus in DNA, carbon is its rock. DNA chains us to our ancestors and their dust is a rock.

Mary Shelley authored Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus. Shelley wrote her novel before the discovery of DNA, but she still knew about the chains to our ancestors. Like the monster, we come from the parts of many; mom and dad are just the last two. Mary used the Prometheus myth in her book, but she is bound to Prometheus in another way. Percy Shelley translated Prometheus Bound and wrote Prometheus Unbound.

I write this because phosphorus plays a role in my book and Prometheus has some links to my book, as well.



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