Bad Medicine


Will my book will sell, due to dead artist syndrome? I agree with Obama that our medical system needs reform; I disagree with his remedy. I once went to the doctor about a blood clot; I got antibiotics and for a skin infection. I went for a second opinion and got the right answer – a blood clot, like I said to the first doctor. I started this blog for several reasons, but one was to distract me from a medical issues and the displeasure of dealing with doctors who don’t listen. I try not to go off on tangents and try to stick to the allusions in my book. Hermes and snakes appear elsewhere on my blog and they appear in my book. I need to add snake oil just to take a swing at the rampant fraud in our culture that has also pervaded our doctor’s offices. I find it interesting that the snake laden Caduceus of Hermes, the master of deception, also fits the symbolism of a snake oil salesman. It appears to happened out of coincidence, but it may not all be coincidence. If they decide I wrote the greatest masterpiece of the 21st century after I’m dead. Please know truth about my death. Odds are — the doctor and the system did it. On last thing about tangents; I try to stick to people with Florida connections, but songs often pop up in my head as I write and I play ode. Bon Jovi got a nod, Robbie Robertson and  The Band got another, and I know Seal (aka Seal II) turns up early. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and the less infamous Red Ryder make my list of exceptions. R&B/hip-hop group TLC and Tone Loc are the last two, I remember offhand.



Spit When They Split


Some bands have amicable breakups, some like to feud. Religions have done the same thing. I may replace the one of my chapters using this parallel.  The Eagles have done a bunch of spitting and two members have Florida connections, so they may be ideal. Don Felder comes from Florida, Glenn Frey has Miami Vice connections, and Bernie Leadon grew up here (he also has his, The Flying Burrito Brothers connection.) “The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks,” from their The Long Run album, fits may story-line nicely.

The Zombie Lords of Pennsylvania Avenue


Are you a zombie member of political party or religious group? Remember this about the author (me), I hate zombies. I don’t care about the shade of skin. I hate you equally. I hate my lack of patience in zombifying the zombie lords. Image search and creation consumes too much time sometimes. I’ve got some blah-ger blues going on. I hate doctors, too. They want to turn me into a zombie and I’ve lost the heart to fight.

Pimping Out God


I his novel Survivor, Chuck Palahniuk turns a cult member turned houseboy into a new age religious leader. I found the household hints tiresome after a while, but most readers of the absurd should enjoy. The novel spoofs psychiatry, marketing, and religion. Palahniuk wrote from the first person perspective of a hapless hero; just like I do, so I analyze. I still use large paragraphs; Palahniuk creates more white space by avoiding them. Long paragraphs do not bug me much when I read, but I will try to whittle down. He is minimalist on punctuation; I see that as a wise choice. My character mimics my own introversion and I seem to out introvert Palahniuk; I may bring readers to far in at times. Palahniuk has bigger moments in his other books and I win the bigger scene without a doubt. The scene from Haunted beats me. I may add a scene of similar nature to his and then I will have about five go for your throat scenes. I can win by knock out, but I may still lose by way of technicality. Palahniuk shows us the pimps in religion; I try to get people to see the narcissistic killers wearing priest’s robes.

F-ing Boars


Pigs seem an odd fertility symbol, but it does not make it any less true. Greeks sacrificed pigs to Demeter in the Eleusinian mystery rites. The left image is the Norse fertility god Freyr and his golden-haired boar, Gullinbursti.

Pigs have the stomach for survival. Hernando DeSoto brought pigs to Florida and today the descendants still run wild (right image). It is for this reason I need to make more rooms for pigs in my book. This blog acts as a checklist for what to look for as I edit my book. I recently wrote about Hemingway‘s novel, The Sun Also Rises. The female character, Lady Brett Ashley, gets alluded to as Circe. I think my book still lacks a similar allusion. My memory is starting to fade which is what I want, so I can edit with a blank slate. My mind feels in too much material and I skip along too much when I still remember most everything I tried to write. Many of my posts act as reminders for me and are just fodder for my blog reader. Sorry for being a f-ing bore. I form my topics, for my posts, from allusions in my book. Having to blog about my allusion for, The Peals Before Swine, made me think more about pigs. I now see they deserve a bigger role if I can figure out how to best do it.


Punching the Pig Lady


I’m not sure why women want to waddle into the pig sty with guys, but Feminism has muddied things. Women and children had value, so you thought first about those valuables and saved them first. Do you let them have the lifeboats or just take the every man for himself approach and punch the Pig Lady? When women call men pigs, should women get the same treatment? Are women still pearls to be saved before the swine that is man? Do you tell your kid not to punch girls or to treat her like a boy and punch her if she gives you too much lip? Does the Pig Lady want you to punch her? The women swallowing down Fifty Shades of Gray gives further wonder about what women want. I guess guys are wrong no matter what we do. Enjoy the mud.

I allude to Pearls Before Swine in my book. Tom Rapp of Florida formed the band. I will post more on him at a later date when I do the music of Florida.

Mother Nature Can Take A Punch, But


People popped on my 5 seconds of thought post on sinkholes, but it appears I put in about as much thought as the National Geographic article that I just read. Water carved out the Grand Canyon. Now think, what happens to the limestone foundation of Florida as we pump out water from the aquifer. You remove water that helps support the limestone and the agitation does some carving. National Geographic wanted to tiptoe, but the harsh reality = Mother Nature takes a pounding. Global Warming is a much more debatable topic than this piece of common sense.

The Wikimedia pic comes from 1958RioMan and the file name suggests it is a Fahrdorf,Rechte-Marija match. I hate interrupting my posts on swine, but  you know the world is in trouble when I’m needed to state the obvious. A handful of readers might see this post and comprehend. I doubt registered Republicans or Democrats will understand, but some Independents have at least seen the obvious about our political process.


Perspectives on a Pig


Winston Churchill is said to have remarked “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

Feminists turned men into pigs just like Circe to the men of The Odyssey. Pigs think with their bellies and men often think with their penis, so I see some justification. But to know a pig is to love a pig; they are sacred to Demeter and Ezili Dantor of Haitian Vodou. A mother goddess sees the need for a pig brained penis. Jews and Muslims carry on the hatred of Set in their demonetization of pigs, but is it their own bigotry that causes this perpetual hate? If you want to vilify me and make me your swine then I will accept my pig status. The Pussy lickers from my last post may look down on us pigs, but we know Circe will have to wallow in the mud with the pigs eventually. Why, because we are equals. An elitist just thinks they’re above it all.

My point is Feminists get in the mud with those they look down on. Many Feminists and former Feminists see this problem, but some elitist Feminists still have their nose up in the air. They just refuse to smell the pig sty. Who has the right to call the other swine?

Briton Rivière’s pencil sketch, Circe and the friends of Ulysses (1871) with modifications by me. The low resolution did not do his work justice, so I modified. The image comparison that I often do did not work well because the image I used in my last post overshadowed  this image that I wanted to compare it to.

Pussy and the Swine


I chose a pig for my Avatar in honor of Circe. She turned men into pigs. Feminists took up the term Chauvinist pigs and I started using different types of Feminist personalities in my book.  Did Feminism turn men into pigs or did they just join the swine? Here you have Circe with pussy lickers at her feet;  I can see the power of Circe. Today the pussy, tomorrow the swine. Circe by Wright Barker is the painting and it comes from Wikimedia.

Wrestling with the Whatever


“Write drunk; edit sober.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Some wrestle with words, like me. Others with drink. Wrestling is part of life. Mariel Hemingway arm wrestles Patrice Donnelly and then go to the mat/bed to leg wrestle. The scene comes from Personal Best where Mariel/Chris wrestles with her sexuality and trains for the Olympics with Patrice/Tory. Characters always wrestle with something and often have a parallel story line. Mariel/Chris sweats as she runs track and runs to and from her male and female lovers to sweat up the sheets. The characters in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway wrestle with personality. Macho gets tougher as a man gets older; something Hemingway dealt with until he could deal no longer. He also wrestled with alcohol. Characters in The Sun Also Rises have a high booze to blood ratio. Now to the reason for my post – Editing.

Hemingway uses more dialogue than narration; I suspect it lowered his editing time. He kept things simple and let the dialogue do the talking. If characters skip the sight-seeing to stay in a bar and drink; you can skip the travelogue narration. The Sun Also Rises gives greatest visuals to the bullfighting, the fishing, the feasting, and the somber end (which relates to editing). I can write without drink, but editing makes me want to get drunk. I hate rules about punctuation because they rarely agree. I need a blank slate to edit; familiar material makes my mind skip. I enjoy the analysis part of editing, but I hate the rewrite. Watching sweaty lesbian love beats dealing with end of the writing process. Blogging has helped me focus on certain issues, but I fear the final push.