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Mythology has a name game. Cultures steal from one another and the name may or may not transfer. You don’t just have the problem of different languages and dialects, but you also have the problem caused by the gossip game. I’m sure many have played the game where words get passed along through a chain of people and you find out how the words may get muddled. The Greek Pheme and the Roman Fama may be victims of their on powers of corruption. The goddesses may translate best to fame, but gossip often acted as the bugle. Pheme turned into a morpheme of morpheme by way of linguistic terminology. Ain’t ’linguistics fun. And “ain’t” ain’t improper in linguistics.

Trivia also relates to fame and it comes from another goddess. Like it or not, trivial stuff makes news. We might deem Paris Hilton as Shallow-throat, but she got a shot of money without doing a true money shot. I wonder how many bucks, though her resulting fame, she got for performing a common practice.

I use trivial trivia in my book because it does reflect society.

Gossips of Sindelfingen, Germany from Rebecca Kennison by way of Wikimedia.

Sculpture of Pheme/Fama on the roof of the Dresden University of Visual Arts. It was sculpted by Robert Henze, it stands on the Brühl’s Terrace. (also from Wikimedia)


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