“Write drunk; edit sober.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Some wrestle with words, like me. Others with drink. Wrestling is part of life. Mariel Hemingway arm wrestles Patrice Donnelly and then go to the mat/bed to leg wrestle. The scene comes from Personal Best where Mariel/Chris wrestles with her sexuality and trains for the Olympics with Patrice/Tory. Characters always wrestle with something and often have a parallel story line. Mariel/Chris sweats as she runs track and runs to and from her male and female lovers to sweat up the sheets. The characters in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway wrestle with personality. Macho gets tougher as a man gets older; something Hemingway dealt with until he could deal no longer. He also wrestled with alcohol. Characters in The Sun Also Rises have a high booze to blood ratio. Now to the reason for my post – Editing.

Hemingway uses more dialogue than narration; I suspect it lowered his editing time. He kept things simple and let the dialogue do the talking. If characters skip the sight-seeing to stay in a bar and drink; you can skip the travelogue narration. The Sun Also Rises gives greatest visuals to the bullfighting, the fishing, the feasting, and the somber end (which relates to editing). I can write without drink, but editing makes me want to get drunk. I hate rules about punctuation because they rarely agree. I need a blank slate to edit; familiar material makes my mind skip. I enjoy the analysis part of editing, but I hate the rewrite. Watching sweaty lesbian love beats dealing with end of the writing process. Blogging has helped me focus on certain issues, but I fear the final push.



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