Winston Churchill is said to have remarked “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

Feminists turned men into pigs just like Circe to the men of The Odyssey. Pigs think with their bellies and men often think with their penis, so I see some justification. But to know a pig is to love a pig; they are sacred to Demeter and Ezili Dantor of Haitian Vodou. A mother goddess sees the need for a pig brained penis. Jews and Muslims carry on the hatred of Set in their demonetization of pigs, but is it their own bigotry that causes this perpetual hate? If you want to vilify me and make me your swine then I will accept my pig status. The Pussy lickers from my last post may look down on us pigs, but we know Circe will have to wallow in the mud with the pigs eventually. Why, because we are equals. An elitist just thinks they’re above it all.

My point is Feminists get in the mud with those they look down on. Many Feminists and former Feminists see this problem, but some elitist Feminists still have their nose up in the air. They just refuse to smell the pig sty. Who has the right to call the other swine?

Briton Rivière’s pencil sketch, Circe and the friends of Ulysses (1871) with modifications by me. The low resolution did not do his work justice, so I modified. The image comparison that I often do did not work well because the image I used in my last post overshadowed  this image that I wanted to compare it to.


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