Pigs seem an odd fertility symbol, but it does not make it any less true. Greeks sacrificed pigs to Demeter in the Eleusinian mystery rites. The left image is the Norse fertility god Freyr and his golden-haired boar, Gullinbursti.

Pigs have the stomach for survival. Hernando DeSoto brought pigs to Florida and today the descendants still run wild (right image). It is for this reason I need to make more rooms for pigs in my book. This blog acts as a checklist for what to look for as I edit my book. I recently wrote about Hemingway‘s novel, The Sun Also Rises. The female character, Lady Brett Ashley, gets alluded to as Circe. I think my book still lacks a similar allusion. My memory is starting to fade which is what I want, so I can edit with a blank slate. My mind feels in too much material and I skip along too much when I still remember most everything I tried to write. Many of my posts act as reminders for me and are just fodder for my blog reader. Sorry for being a f-ing bore. I form my topics, for my posts, from allusions in my book. Having to blog about my allusion for, The Peals Before Swine, made me think more about pigs. I now see they deserve a bigger role if I can figure out how to best do it.



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