Fertilizer Face


I see three possibilities. One fits by geography, one by mythology, and one by biography. I write about a fertility cult and I do a lot of interconnecting. Florida has links to both fertility and fertilizer. Face it, Florida is the penis state; just look at the shape. The name links to Flora, the Roman goddess. Fertilizer was once a large driver of our economy. Look up the biography of Traylor Howard and you will see she has a link to the industry through her dad (she’s the one in the wedding dress, in a scene from Me, Myself & Irene).

The mythology finger, like Traylor’s finger, points to Tony Cox. Little people often act as fertility deities and you will find some deities colored black (which is the color of good soil). His name also conjures up a euphemism, unfortunately he has no links  to Florida; which eliminates him as a sure thing to make it in as an allusion in my book.

Delta Burke makes it in due to the geography in her name. A river delta is a very fertile place. The river delta made the Nile famous. She also happens to have a link to a pig and the Demeter happened to have pigs sacrificed to her. Delta was an A-list celebrity and she won the Miss Florida contest in 1973, so I chose her as a face of Florida and by extension – fertilizer. If Traylor Howard and Tony Cox would do me a favor and really get married, they would be perfect. A sex tape might be too much to ask for, but I may as well ask anyway. Traylor would make a good Freyja.



Humping on PETA People


What do you call the dog of a PETA person? A lucky dog. If you believe in the ethical treatment of animals; you have to let humping dogs hump. Do you have the right to not let Humpy hump?

I fear Batman may one day start singing soprano? Christian Bale makes his dog eat vegan. What happens when a pit bull hears the call of nature and wants some meat? Batman might lose his sausage and meatballs. If Batman has a big dog; he might need to allow Humpy to have a happy ending.

I have another PETA conundrum in my book. I allude to Pamela Anderson, but I would prefer a PETA person from Florida. Two PETA Fox’s  grew up here, but I don’t think either is iconic enough. Iconic people say something about an era and my book examines eras. If I expanded my last post to show how a Pirate from 1669 might see a Lettuce Lady; you might get a better idea of what I am attempting. The term, “buccaneer” is related to the term, “barbeque.” I’m not sure how a pirate would deal with Vegan Batman, but I’m sure the Lettuce Ladies would get a generous helping of meat. Culture does not make a quick and uniform change. You can ask people to think, but radical change often leads to new problems.

Megan Fox (left) Jorja Fox (right) Korean wolves (bottom) all images from Wikipedia.



What might a group of pirates on shore leave ask Pamela Anderson? Lettuce Lady let us lay ye. How much pirate booty is needed for barmaid booty at a vegan bar? None. Sea Dogs should get it for free, under ethical treatment of animal rules.

I allude to PETA and Pam in my novel due the to use of sexual imagery and the cultish loyalty. Pam has been more than a face to PETA., but I prefer to use Florida people like Johnny Depp. I keep thinking about writing her out, but she still remains. I have no problem with PETA, but I think they need to offer more info about going vegan. Some people risk health problems when they go vegan and anyone can have problems if they don’t do vegan the right way. The consumerism effect on wildlife is another item they fail to address.

PS to Pam: If ye finds ye-self in a Pirates movie. Ye might think to lay me as an agent fee, teehee, teehee.


Nomadic Iconic Florida


Why nomadic? Because only Flo Rida was born and raised here and he only makes my list for his name. I don’t even consider him the most famous rapper from Florida. Iconic is a tough list to make. I can almost hear Burt Reynolds say, “I’m from Florida, damn it,” and he may deserve the top spot for his attitude. Jim Morrison is the only other person, on this list, who was born here. He also attended two Florida colleges. Read about Jim and you will see he was nomadic and iconic.

I don’t know how much time Walt Disney spent in Florida, but we have valid claim to a piece of him. Johnny Depp has become iconic, but most people may not know he grew up here. Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett, and Jackie Gleason fall under a mutual adoption category. Many writers have made Florida a part-time residence, but Hemingway wrote his name into our history. Buffett and Gleason merged their images with our state. Gleason didn’t even retire, but he still enhanced our retirement image. Ray Charles never wore Florida on his sleeve, but he deserves a high slot. Buffett’s, Cheeseburger in Paradise, might deserve nomination as our state song. I need to do a fast food post, so you can see why.

The Doll Family may deserve the top slot because they represent our circus history. Aileen Wuornos  was a drifter and she drifted into our history books. I’m not sure Mickey Rourke is iconic enough, but I thought he and Wuornos may have been separated at birth.

Florida rocketed in population after the invention of air conditioning and that picture of Gleason, so we suffered in the numbers game. Many people with iconic status have owned homes in Florida and our obituary list looks more impressive than our birth records, but there is a difference between owning a home and calling a place home.

Logos of Shopper and Hunter


What did the tattoos on the Timucuan warrior mean? This depiction may or may not offer a clue. Most people do not tattoo corporate logos on their bodies, but in this consumer driven culture — logos still wrap around us. What if the skin of the hunter acted as a diary of the hunt. You can also use the apply the notch on the warrior’s bow to the warrior’s skin.I’m more concerned with allusions I might use in my book. A logo war might venture into one of my chapters. Florida seems to specialize in cruise lines, theme parks, food, and sex. Maybe a food fight at an erotic Tupperware party on a Disney cruise ship as Carnival cruise ships fire Legos at their competition? I just want to parallel tribal wars to corporate wars of today. We have gang wars and gang tatts in today’s world, but few people will be familiar with their names and symbols. Just thinking out loud, online.


An Eye For Icons


How did the Knot of Isis turn into the ankh, return to Aphrodite, then morph into the Christian cross? I can guess, but I am more concerned with icons in general. Most people know about the pyramid eye and pyramids have three sides like those in the know about Trivia – Hecate has three faces. Many Christians favor the Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The illustration comes from The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani. I believe Khalil Gibran did the artwork. Bothe Rihani and Gilbran are Lebanese authors. Now, Kismet commands me to read Rihani’s book. A quick browse picked up this line:

I dreamt I was a donkey-boy again

Browse my work and you will see the kismet. The image above may do for a tattoo.

Icon = Symbol = Tattoo


A Freak No More

Stevens Wagner

Tattoos have become commonplace; the freak may have to go without. Side shows acted as peep shows; the freaks in a circus often went by different obscenity laws. Maud Stevens Wagner became the Tattooed Lady to add another element to her contortionist act. Men have always had an appreciation for flexible women. The freak by choice is different than the natural-born freak. The freaks by choice may have only had a choice about their exterior; they may have had freak brain. Someone with natural-born differences in their physical appearance may have been all normal on the inside. Tattoos are symbols and you can see how they became a symbol for freaks. I felt my book needed a tattooed lady for the symbology; I just had to use a combination of elements to keep her closer to the freak world than the norm. Sometimes one element doesn’t do; you need many.


I Cringe


I cringe when I use my Freak category. I see a human being when I look at this picture. You can make it seem as if she holds her arms behind her back, if you crop the picture. I cringed when I wrote about her possible as a sex life because I hated invading her privacy. The Miley Cyrus twerking bothered me because I see the marketing machine, not because she twerked. Sex is part of the human experience and I look at this picture and see someone who wants to be as complete as humanly possible. Lost body parts and overpopulation listed as my worst nightmares, but I notice that I do not cringe when I look at her, so I’m over one fear; nine billion arms and legs on regular human beings would still freak me out. I have had a hard time putting her out of my mind. She did not have children and I feel sad few will look and see the human being. Freak has become an elevated status in my mind. If an afterlife exists, I hope what I wrote in my last in my last post and this one makes her happy and appreciates me thinking of her.

To clarify: I cringe when many people will see wrong intent in my post and my use of the term “freak.” I guess I’m a freak in the way I think.

The Sex Object


Katherine Dunn’s book, Geek Love, explores freak fetish. I’m sure some people have such a fetish. I notice how attractive Violetta was. Different is shocking, but in what ways was Violetta different besides the missing arms and legs. Kate Upton made a complaint about her sex object status and it rung in my head as hypocritical. Was Violetta more of a woman than Kate Upton will ever be? I suspect so. Violetta dealt with reality. Kate Upton deals with unreality.

The penis has an objective; you can call it the hunt for a sex object. Feminists can roar all they want, but most men can only give the politically correct answer and not the obvious truth. Yeah, men can see women as more than a sex object, but the pesky penis does have vote. Notice how the cut on Upton’s outfit shows an object. If you don’t want men to see you as a sex object you need to work to discourage not encourage. Don’t be a hypocrite. I am curious about Violetta’s perspective. She enjoyed fashion and face it fashion has a lot to do with sex. I’m a face man, so I can appreciate what Violetta did have? She did many things with her mouth, so I have no doubt about one talent contest ; in which, she could have blown away Miss Upton.

Violetta shows off her sexual confidence in her picture. I don’t have a freak fetish, but I try to see past the façade . When I make my point about sex objects, many Feminists get into a huff. Did Violetta appreciate men who could appreciate what she had to offer? She did marry and I lay odds she made her husband happy and we can hope he made her happy, in return.

Kate Upton grew up in Florida; which, makes her a candidate for my book. She hasn’t made the cut, yet. Some people win the superficial genetic lottery and they need to realize the reality. It can all go away in a second. I don’t enjoy attention and I can sympathize with Violetta and Miss Upton about unwanted attention. But Miss Upton has chosen a high-profile career and she has some ability to hide. Violetta stood out wherever she went; she has to deal with more reality than I can imagine.


Marbles Lost


Maybe Tom Cruise and the Scientologists may have a point, “Psychiatry Kills.” The Fort Hood shooter was a psychiatrist. Joke face on the left, also studied the mind;  psychiatrists also worked wonders with him. Tom Cruise’s rant about psychiatry looks almost sane in this context; maybe he isn’t nuts. Put some emphasis on that MAYBE. Don’t they worship Space Ghost or some such entity? Sorry, I don’t take too many religions seriously. Democrats got all hyped up about Obama like Republicans did about Bush. Talk about pick your poison. The meek will need a lot of nuts to fall for them to inherit the earth. I’m sure the world will have much left after the maniacal religions get done with their killing. Can the Muslims catch the Catholics? Will “Quaker Oat” Batman start packing a gun? Will Miley Ray Cyrus have sex with a penguin in the Congo? I think her publicist has that lined up for next week. Pigs are scheduled to fly in the tear, 2023.