Katherine Dunn’s book, Geek Love, explores freak fetish. I’m sure some people have such a fetish. I notice how attractive Violetta was. Different is shocking, but in what ways was Violetta different besides the missing arms and legs. Kate Upton made a complaint about her sex object status and it rung in my head as hypocritical. Was Violetta more of a woman than Kate Upton will ever be? I suspect so. Violetta dealt with reality. Kate Upton deals with unreality.

The penis has an objective; you can call it the hunt for a sex object. Feminists can roar all they want, but most men can only give the politically correct answer and not the obvious truth. Yeah, men can see women as more than a sex object, but the pesky penis does have vote. Notice how the cut on Upton’s outfit shows an object. If you don’t want men to see you as a sex object you need to work to discourage not encourage. Don’t be a hypocrite. I am curious about Violetta’s perspective. She enjoyed fashion and face it fashion has a lot to do with sex. I’m a face man, so I can appreciate what Violetta did have? She did many things with her mouth, so I have no doubt about one talent contest ; in which, she could have blown away Miss Upton.

Violetta shows off her sexual confidence in her picture. I don’t have a freak fetish, but I try to see past the façade . When I make my point about sex objects, many Feminists get into a huff. Did Violetta appreciate men who could appreciate what she had to offer? She did marry and I lay odds she made her husband happy and we can hope he made her happy, in return.

Kate Upton grew up in Florida; which, makes her a candidate for my book. She hasn’t made the cut, yet. Some people win the superficial genetic lottery and they need to realize the reality. It can all go away in a second. I don’t enjoy attention and I can sympathize with Violetta and Miss Upton about unwanted attention. But Miss Upton has chosen a high-profile career and she has some ability to hide. Violetta stood out wherever she went; she has to deal with more reality than I can imagine.